You Look Like You Lost Weight In This Video – Twitter Phishing Attack

Michelle Rossevelt

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Password security is becoming a vital issue these days, and if you are not following the right directions in securing your sensitive password information, you get to suffer lots of NASTY things on internet.

Let’s tell you a recent phishing attack striking Twitter users these days and you’ll see how exactly it is related to the security of your passwords.

Twitter users, lately, have been receiving a direct message from some genuine twitter accounts saying that they’re fat by showing a video to them. Of course, the person who is reading the message is impliedly pointed out to be a fat person.

I’m calling it as an implied indication as this scam pointedly targets those who are already very sensitive about their weight, a. k.a., the weight conscious maniacs.

Twitter Phishing Attack
Twitter Phishing Attack

Obviously, the person who already has this niggling weight consciousness troubling him every day and every night, would waste no time in thinking about the verification of the video source and will jump on the link that has been messaged to him. This is something highly predictable to the phishing attackers.

The content of the direct message sent to the target user will be something like this:

You look like you lost weight in this video.. [LINK]

If you are curious, you might click on the link which will direct you to what looks like a standard Twitter login page.

Very less, and I repeat very few people will take a good look at the URL shown above the page. The rest of the curious party will quickly thrust its twitter login information into the PHISHING TWITTER LOGIN PAGE and Alas!! You are trapped. Badly phished!

Take a good look at the link in this image:

This isn’t the Twitter login page URL, which in itself is an obvious way to spot the phishing scam. Regrettably, not many of you bother about peeking into the address bar before hitting on the left button of your mouse.

And the misery doesn’t end here. If you are one of those people who share same passwords on every website over internet, then YOU are exactly what these cybercriminals are looking for. They will not just send spam from your Twitter account, but the login authentication of your other accounts will also be compromised.

If you are using similar key to open every locked door at your home, have you ever imagined the outcomes of your own security, should your dearest key gets lost or falls into wrong hands?

In the same way, using a similar password for every account over internet is like handing over the skeleton keys to these bad internet guys and all the parts of your online existence have been thoroughly raided.

And Scammers, who are working solely for the purpose of stealing personal information to get your MONEY, can obtain financial gain by illegally using your personal information over internet.

Even if you find out that the security of your Twitter account has been deeply compromised and you change your password to curb further attempts, you need to give it some more of your insight. Now is the sensible time to change your passwords for other accounts online and most importantly, to learn how to choose a strong and unbreakable password for your online accounts.

Make sure that you are taking this password issue seriously, or you’ll have to suffer some real serious consequences. Keep reading our other articles on online security and how to be safe from online threats and STAY SAFE..!!!

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