How To Take Good Care Of Your New Laptop !

How To Take Good Care Of Your New Laptop !


How To Take Good Care Of Your New Laptop
How To Take Good Care Of Your New Laptop

In this blog, I’ll underline various rules to go by on how to take care of your new laptop. That’s because laptops are meant to be portable, and it’s a known fact that portable devices go through more wear & tear than fixed devices – hence they require good care. Moreover, it is easy to overlook their role as an invaluable productivity tool that’s also flexible – enabling you to work in locations in which it would be impossible to work if you had a desktop PC. In addition, laptops are typically more expensive than desktops, and repairing them is typically harder and requires a somewhat more expertise.

Care for your laptop’s battery:

Your new laptop’s battery will wear out eventually, but you can prolong its life by taking good care of it. Your laptop battery’s biggest enemy is heat. One way you can avoid battery degradation is to remove the battery from the laptop – only placing it back in for when you need to move around with the laptop.

Avoid eating or drinking near your laptop:

Eating and/or drinking near your laptop may seemingly appear as a harmless act, but there is good reason why you shouldn’t do it. First, by drinking beverages near your laptop, you run the risk of spilling your drink on your laptop – if that happens, kiss your laptop’s motherboard goodbye. Next, when you eat near your laptop, there’s a possibility that you will drop food crumbs on or near your laptop’s keyboard – attracting insects. Consequently, these insects will eventually find their way into the warm environment inside your laptop – potentially damaging the internal circuitry.

Always use a carrying case/bag while travelling with your laptop:

Before you hit the road, make sure your laptop is secured – by secure I mean nice and snug inside a laptop carrying case or a laptop bag. Choosing a laptop bag is also crucial – avoid buying something cheap, as they can end up costing you more – considering the fact that they are most likely cheaply built and don’t have the appropriate padding to provide protection against bumps and scrapes. Therefore, when looking for a laptop bag, make sure it has decent amount of padding and is comfortable to carry around.

Install security software on your laptop:

In order for your laptop to function normally, you not only have to care for it on the outside, but also on the inside. This usually means installing security software such as an antivirus software and data security suite which can act as a virtual folder lock – preventing hackers from attacking your PC and stealing your personal data.

Clean your laptop at least once a week:

Do you sometimes have trouble reading the screen because dust and grime has built up your laptop’s monitor screen?  Well, cleaning your laptop regularly will ensure that your laptop won’t accumulate dirt. To clean your laptop, make sure that you have a microfiber cloth handy.  Take equal parts 50/50 of distilled water and white vinegar, mix them together in a spray bottle and you got yourself not only a organic laptop cleaner – but also one that works more effectively and safely than other spray cleaners developed specifically for cleaning electronics.  Though, before cleaning your laptop, make sure to completely shut down your laptop, remove its battery and then clean it – also make sure that you don’t directly spray on the laptop, instead spray on the cloth and then gently rub the laptop’s surface area in a clockwise motion. Keep in mind: before you boot up your laptop – make sure to wait 10 minutes for the laptop to dry out.