How To Keep Your Laptop Safe And The Data Inside It Safer


If you are a small business owner, you are least likely to be concerned whether it would be beneficial for you to upgrade to windows 10 from windows 8. You are likely to be more concerned about how to keep confidential company data secure and the hardware that contains it – that being the laptop. Laptops are portable computers, much like a smartphone and USB flash drives, thus it easy for thieves to steal them. Accordingly, a laptop won’t be a laptop unless it allows the user to work anywhere. Whether it’s the back of your SUV, in your office’s cafeteria or at your local coffee shop, laptops are the ultimate tool that are themed on mobility and work.

However, if you happen to leave your laptop in your car, thieves will be tempted to steal it. What’s more, more often than theft, laptops often end up being left behind in buses, taxi cabs, subways and airports, making the situation just as nerve wracking as having the laptop stolen by someone. A report by shows that there are nearly 70,000 unclaimed laptops in the lost and found section at LaGuardia airport.

Laptop theft is also on the rise, according a recent Ponemon institute study, there has been an increase of 86 percent in laptop theft since last year. To make matters worse, laptop theft within organization has also been a major cause of concern. Rogue employees (also known as insiders) can easily get away with stealing a laptop PC without major repercussion. Stealing a laptop from an organization has two benefits for the thief, first they acquire the PC for its hardware value and can sell it on the black market, second the data within the laptop is the true gem. Think of a stolen laptop as the hard shell, and the data inside it being the gem inside of that hard shell. Corporate data such as company spreadsheets, documents, files, marketing secrets, customer lists, HR database files, tax return and all sorts of information has been extracted from stolen laptops. Next, once this information is extracted, it can be sold on the internet’s black market, prices can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the actual value of the information extracted.

How to keep data safe and secure?

Although there is no solid means to prevent anyone from stealing laptops, be it at the office, in the car or at home, there is something the user can do to protect the sensitive data saved inside of it. Accordingly, the only means of securing confidential data is through the use of encryption. Encryption is the only foolproof way to ensure that certain files and folders on a computer. However, there are many different data encryption software on the market, but the most popular of all encryption software is Folder Lock, it is the most trusted, secure encryption software which also allows the users to back up their encrypted data to a dedicated cloud server. Folder Lock is so popular that it has 40 million users worldwide and still growing.

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