Are You Secured In The Middle Of Bits And Bytes Flying All Around You?

Better be despised for too anxious apprehensions, than ruined by too confident security — Edmund Burke

Bits and bytes
Bits and bytes

That’s right! Staying conscious for your own security is not a bad habit at all, as long as it doesn’t affect anyone else. Being too confident about the security of your private information is not harmful only if you have all the essential security measures deployed carefully on your computer or the computer you work on.Has it ever crossed your mind that a great part of your daily life is relying directly on computers? Be it the hardware gadget you use, or equipment you use for entertainment, or even the means you use for shopping as well as transportation. A great deal of your personal and private information keeps flowing into and out of your system through a network which is entirely ‘PUBLIC’. Yes, we are talking about internet and online data transfer here.

Never thought about the risk associated with your computer and internet usage?

Don’t worry; it’s never too late to be scared of your own security. Keep reading and you will get to know some serious information security risks that you probably have never given attention to.

Okay, so you visited an online shopping website and you bought an online article using your credit card. The next month, you get your credit card bill in front of you and guess what you find out? A bill shouting the sum that you had never even dreamt of! Yes, we know that you didn’t do all those purchases. But the question is who did that? And most importantly who knows the information that only you are supposed to have know?

Intimidating, isn’t it? Let’s get you anxious a little more.

You are a business man and it’s a strong habit of yours to archive each and everything related to your business. And that too on your computer hard drive. The record of all the business bills you paid, credit card information, sales and purchase vouchers, books of your business, annual audit report that is yet to go to the BODs, few resounding proposals that you had been on pins and needles for, and the perfect business expansion plan you made by working day in day out.

Virus comes-no security guard against it, attacks your system, you blink your eyes and SNAP..!!! Everything is lost. Wiped Clean! Not a speck or iota of information left.

We know that we scared the living daylight out of you right now, but think about it in the way we want you to. For your own information security, consider this hypothetical data loss a fair chance to start establishing proper security measures on your system.

Forget about the security measures that are too advanced for you to handle and will probably push you into sheer misery when you get to shred a great deal of your hard earned money into acquiring them.

Let us take care of it. Stay tuned to find more.

“Security is like the brakes in your car. It doesn’t slow you down, but it also makes it possible for you to go a lot faster – Dr. Gary Hinson”
Pull the breaks for now, and wait for us to push you into the fastest track ever!