Your IPhone Is More Than Just A Communication Device- Keep It Secure

Folder Lock for iPhone
Folder Lock for iPhone

The pace at which technology boom has hit the consumer market in the last decade has raised many concerns alongside all the benefits, and one of the key areas of discussion has been privacy protection. Numerous debates have sprouted over what can be done to provide the best balance between staying public yet protective of one’s personal information and life.

Ever since mobile phones took on the role of ‘more than just a communications device’ and become an extension of our everyday lives, privacy concerns have suffered a paradigm shift over there as well. With over 200 million devices sold (and counting) worldwide,

Apple’s iOS is one of the largest smartphone platforms that suffer the privacy dilemma. Native security on the iOS is not enough to satisfy genuine privacy needs of a user, or at best, does not fit most situations where you’d want protection implemented.

Enter the need of a folder locking program- designed around user needs for all possible scenarios, solid protection and ease of use. Brining onboard password protection for files and apps, a folder locking program supports all file types and extensions, and can be used for in-depth security of individual files thanks to its file browsing ability. Another unique feature of Folder Lock is its ability to download any file from the internet and apply protection to it simultaneously, making it the most secure method to protect private data of all sorts on your iOS device.

The goodies don’t stop here. Folder Lock for iPhone comes with a native in-app player for audio and video files. It also supports file transfers between your iOS device and PC/Mac using a secure, encrypted WiFi connection. With both devices on the same WiFi network, initiate the WiFi file transfer session on Folder Lock to receive the IP address and port for connection. Enter this information in your system’s browser and the provided password and you’re in – a seamless interface to upload content directly to your iPhone/iPod Touch.

Another interesting security feature of Folder Lock is its ability to monitor hacking attempts on your device. A friend borrowed your iPhone and now you’re worried they might’ve tried to pry into your private files? Not to worry; It’s Hack Attempt Monitor will log all hacking attempts with exact timestamps, so you have proof of who tried to access what on your device. You can also limit the number of incorrect password attempts to a value of your choice, making it even more frustrating for an attempting hacker to break through.

So, be all set to Lock Files in iPhoneLock Files in iPhone as Folder Lock brings a near perfect solution for privacy/data protection on your iOS device, and with so much to offer and loads more to come, it’s worth every cent you pay for it. With Folder Lock guarding your data, nothing gets in, nothing goes out!