McDonald’s FREE Breakfast- A Threat To Your Computer’s Security

Michelle Rossevelt

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mcdonalds spam
mcdonalds spam

Who doesn’t love a scrumptious McDonald’s meal? And that too for FREE! Absolutely Free!

If you are the kind of person who wakes up in the morning with an uncontrollable yearning for a McDonald breakfast, then you should know that you are exactly what malware writers are working for.
Exploiting needs, longings, excitement and curiosity of people, malware writers mask their BAD stuff in emails that are promoting new deals, announcing interesting news, updates on a current world event, and all the stuff that catches reader’s attention. Let’s give you a practical example.

In the last couple of days, a malicious email has been spammed out all across the world pretending to have come from a source that almost no one is unfamiliar with- McDonalds, the fast food giant.What that email contains is something that no one can easily resist. Who wouldn’t want to munch on a Free McDonalds breakfast the first thing in the morning? That’s true. The email claims that McDonalds is offering free breakfasts in each and every of their restaurants all around the globe. Being sent from [[email protected]], the email appears to be coming from a legitimate source- which is what gets the people cleverly hoodwinked to mistake the actual identity.Part of that email contains the free breakfast menu and an invitation card attached to be printed and shown at the cash desk of any of McDonald’s restaurants. The EXE file of Trojan horse is impersonated as a .doc file with a Word Icon appearing with its name.

McDonald’s free breakfast
McDonald’s free breakfast

Whoever gets tempted to print that attached file opens the door of his system for the malware to rush into it. And once you do it, there is no way back.

Beware of these mousetraps. Never fall for the enticing stuff they are presenting. Always remember to confirm this kind of news from the concerned authorities. But most of all, keep your system secure with a reliable security product that can stop any virus, worm or Trojan from breaking into your system.

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