IPhone 6S: Apple Needs To ‘Wow’ Their Customers Again

Edward Robin

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iphone-563067_640There was a time when an announcement about the new iPhone used to excite me. Apple is expected to launch their new iPhone in about a week now. But, I am not rubbing my hands in anticipation of the new iPhone. The question is, why should I get so enthusiastic for the new Apple phone? The company is not going to introduce anything revolutionary like it once introduced voice-activated digital assistant Siri. Once upon a time, smartphone makers used to amuse their audience with new ringtones, fingerprint scanner or some kind of similar update. But, now, users expect more with every update. Sharper display or crisper camera is not a big deal anymore, users do not dump their old phone for a new one that is not much superior.

Not much long ago, HTC lost their sales drastically because of not making any substantial changes in the physical appearance of their flagship One smartphone. On the other hand, Samsung enjoyed the new heights in terms of sales as they made some significant changes, both in the software of their new Galaxy phones as well as in their appearance. There are no big surprises expected from the new Apple’s iPhone 6S and 6S plus. The new members of iPhone family are likely to look similar to the current iPhone, which adopted the shape of their first smartphone that was introduced in 2007.

Apple Needs to ‘Wow’
Apple Needs to ‘Wow’

My lack of excitement or Apple’s lack of creativity and imagination does not mean that the new members of iPhone family will struggle to find their owners. Definitely, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will be sold in a handsome quantity. The only issue is, even the loyal Apple customers will think a little longer before paying off the huge amount of cash for their new beloved phone. In fact, Apple has experienced a considerable low sales in the third quarter of 2015, it was anticipated that Apple will sell around 49.4 million smartphones in its third quarter, however, they were able to sell 47.5 million phones. The numbers are not bad, but, it is a bit lower than the expected.

One of the reasons of low sales for Apple is maybe due to their lack of innovation. There are many customers that are comfortable using their two years old iPhones and do not find a legitimate reason to buy a new model. As per rumors, the upcoming phone of the ‘S’ series will have some significant changes as compared to the prior model, i.e. iPhone 6. If Apple wants to surpass the sales of iPhone 6, they need to convince their customers to update their devices, who are using an outdated version of iPhone. But, it will be tough for them. Apple has to come up with some real creativity. Either they have to add some mind-blowing features in their flagship product or perform an artistic marketing stunt, such as naming it as iPhone 7 or breaking the norm of releasing an ‘S’ phone series after every two years. In short, Apple needs to wow their customers again as they used to.

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