IPhone 6S And 6S Plus Launched – What Apple Has To Offer Now

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Apple has just introduced the new members of the iPhone family to the world, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Both the new models carry the same design and physical dynamics as their preceding iPhones, i.e iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. But, the latest versions of the iPhone have a bundle of new features. There were a few rumors circulating before the launch of the new models of Apple’s flagship phones. Some of them turn out to be true and others just proved to be a fantasy. Lets have a look at some of the new features or enhancement that Apple has made in their new smartphones.

What Apple Has To Offer Now
What Apple Has To Offer Now

3D Touch

Apple has introduced a wonderful pressure sensitive touch feature. Users can interact with the device better. It means when a user taps on the screen in an ordinary way and when the user taps harder on the screen, the user will get different menus on both the taps. Users will be able to add different shortcuts and they just have to tap differently to access them.

There are two ways to interact with the new iPhone, Apple has named them ‘peek’ and ‘pop’. What peek basically does is, when you tap on an app icon or some other icon, it gives you options so you can directly jump onto them. For instance, if you tap on the camera icon, you will have the option to take a selfie directly, you wouldn’t have to open the camera and then turn on the front camera (selfie cam). It is surely convenient. The function of pop is that it directly allows you to overlay pictures or videos without allowing them to take over the screen. You can leave for some other place and when you will come back to the process, it will start from where you left. This 3D Touch is one feature, which was rumored and was highly discussed among experts. At the end of the day, it proved to be a wonderful feature.

12 megapixel rear and 5 megapixel front camera

Apple has finally managed to improve their camera. It is the first time where Apple has improved their camera since iPhone 4S, four years back. Apple used to claim that adding more pixels to the camera makes pictures noisier. However, Apple now has managed to increase the number of pixels without compromising the quality of their camera. The new iPhone is equipped with a 12 MP rear and 5 MP front camera, which surely get the love of selfie-lovers. Moreover, Apple has figured out a tidy way to give a flash to their front camera. When you take a selfie, the screen lights up almost three times brighter than normal that acts as the flash. The light of the flash also changes with respect to lighting around you. It is surely something can make you a selfie king/queen.

It is also being said that iPhone 6S & 6S Plus can record 4K videos and it also has a better autofocus in all cases. Furthermore, Apple has added a feature called ‘live photos’, which will capture a video of 1.5 seconds before and after a photo whenever you click. The picture is to be taken right in the middle of the video, you can turn this feature off, but, it is enabled by default. With every single picture you click, there is a short video clip of that moment as well, making your memories sweeter.

Apple’s A9 processor

Apple is using a new 64-bit A9 processor. Apple has not provided much details about their new processor chip, as they never did in the past, but, they claim that the processor is 70 percent faster than the processor they used previously and 90 percent faster at GPU tasks that were used in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Faster Wi-Fi and LTE

There is no doubt that iPhone is fast and it hardly ever lags. But, Apple has worked on it and made it super fast. The company claims that Wi-Fi in the latest iPhone will work at least twice as fast as it was used to. Another positive is that, the LTE is supposed to work better with the addition of more service providers.

New color, 7000 Aluminium and glass cover

There was news circulating around before the launch that the new iPhone will be available in a new pink color. However, those circulated news did not end up completely wrong as Apple introduced a new color, rose gold. The new color looks like pink in the right light, so, the news was pretty authentic. Apple is also claiming that they have used a custom made aluminium to make their latests smartphones. Also, the display of Apple 6S and 6S Plus is covered with a new glass, Ion-X, which is also used to protect the Apple Watch Sport’s display. It can also be a stunt to prevent new iPhones from bending, however, Apple did not refer this change for this very purpose.


The latest iPhones are available at $199 with 16GB, you have to pay $100 higher for every tier, which makes 128GB iPhone 6S of $499. Many carriers are stepping away from two year contracts and looking for better payment plans now. Apple is also trying to convince them by giving a payment plan of $27 per month and it seems to be a legit payment plan for them. Apple has also come up with an interesting offer, you can lease an iPhone for $32 with AppleCare+ warranty from Apple. This is not it, you can return your current iPhone with the new model introduced by the company every single year. It is a tempting offer indeed.

Apple is to announce their new version, iOS 9, on September 16th. The preorders for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus is beginning from September 12th and the latest iPhones will be available in the market from September 25th and onwards.

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