Drive by downloads
Drive by downloads

Castles are GREAT. They’re big, strong and impenetrable. UNLESS, you leave the gate opened!

Your computer, just like castle, can be full of gates-big OPEN gates, which you probably need to shut, of course, to stay safe. These big opened gates are called Vulnerabilities. But the only difference is that YOU CAN’T SEE THEM.

Here’s the bad news though. These unseen giant opened gates can be vividly seen by the drive-by downloaders.

They use them to get inside your computer. First they inject the bad code, right into your favorite website and then they climb up the stairways to your computer with zero difficulty.

Here, BAD code says BAD stuff. Stuff like Scary Internet Guys love to do. Chanting the SHOW ME THE VULNERABILITIES ON THIS COMPUTER incantation, they magically get hold of your secret website. You’re now trapped to download the most scary internet stuff and after that… It’s Easy.Stealing your contact details from your emails, your bank accounts details or even your personal identity is just a cinch. And you won’t know anything until you get your bank statement in your hands.
You start reading it..!! Half way through it, okay you made all those expenses. You’re totally okay with it. Skim it a bit down and. OMG, how in the world could that happen? Look at the size of the statement!! How’re you going to pay for it?

Well, isn’t it scary? I bet it is, when your half yearly salary won’t be enough to pay your credit card bill off. Don’t think avoiding using your favorite website could be a solution. Because it’s not!

Bad stuff like this can be anywhere. Top 100 website in the world have all been infected with a bad code. All of them!
So, how do you stay safe?

Well, a quick answer is: STAY UPDATED AND STAY SECURE
Always remember, DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT click on the ads and surveys you randomly come across while surfing the internet. They are misleading and will take you to the deceptive page or start the download automatically. And once it starts, you can’t really do anything about it.

Furthermore, do not ignore the update pop ups your computer gives you every now and then. Listen to it! Whenever your computer asks to update, it does it to close the vulnerabilities and put a ‘NO ENTRY’ board to all the nasty guys planning to get inside your computers. One quick click and you’re safe.

Next, get yourself some top notch security software like Folder Lock by and keep your stuff securely encrypted.
And last but not the least, stay with use to find more about your computer’s security and how to keep your confidential stuff safe from nasty internet guys.