Beware Of Misleading Applications Online

Beware of fake security
Beware of fake security

NOT EVERYTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS… and when something is surprising, it’s usually entertaining except when it’s a nasty surprise. And when it comes to misleading applications, a nasty surprise ends up being a big waste of your time, or even worse big waste of YOUR MONEY.
Misleading Application, as the name implies, are fraudster applications that are designed to trick an internet user into believing that his system is infected with deadly viruses and to get rid of the problem, the bogus applications they present are the only resort a user has. Being duped into their conniving trap, the user discloses not only his own identity but his credit card details to the bad guys working behind this idea.

So, how do you know when you are being targeted by a misleading This impostor application scam might have got onto your computer by pretending to be something else, looking like a genuine piece of security software.

If a misleading application has got onto your system, or if you have ended up on a website that contains a misleading application scam, you’ll get a scary official looking message telling you there is a problem like a virus. So, you click on it and it makes a big show of running a scan of your system. It scares you by finding lots of scary problems, which may look scary to you but they are not real. The real scary stuff is running behind this pretended show.That’s right; the really scary bit is how the misleading application fools you into believing that it’s the only remedy available to help you get rid of all the viruses and problems.

And if you are really scared by them and say YES, FIX MY COMPUTER; you’ll get another message. Now, this one says to get rid of all these scary problems, you’ll need to pay for the registered version. And if you fall for it, well you give them all your personal information including your credit card details, your account details and your IP address.

So, how do you stay safe?

Be careful what you click on or download when you surf the internet. Avoid running anything or installing anything unless you are absolutely sure that it’s legitimate. Keep all your software up to date and if you do get a scary looking security message from a program you’ve never heard of, please don’t click on it. See what others are saying about the application by visiting top software download websites. Keep a look out for ads promoting system security performance tools that impersonate standard Microsoft Windows alert.

Always remember, not everything you find over internet is legitimate. Be very careful about what to download or run and always THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK. Stay with us to find out about scarier internet stuff and how to be safe.
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