Google Play Or ITunes… Who Is The Champ?

Google Play or iTunes
Google Play or iTunes

Apple captured the online media store when it launched iTunes; the breadth of the content available on iTunes is unmatched. Google Play is the toughest competitor of Apple when it comes to selling digital content like tunes, games, videos and other content. Google Play is nowhere near iTunes as far as the quantity of content is concerned. Google Play supports Android devices, if you have an Android device, you can search for the desired content which you can get with ease. Sometimes to overtake each other. They lower down the prices of their products, lowering prices can work towards attracting new customers.

It is interesting to know that iTunes has the biggest music and video directory among all its competitors with more than 28 million songs, 45,000 purchased movies and 85,000 of TV episodes. Google play is far behind as far as media catalog is concerned; Google only claims that it has millions of songs and videos. The prices of new movies on both stores were almost the same, new movies available to rent with standard definition can run for $3.99 and high definition movies cost $4.99, purchase price of standard definition costs 13.99 and high definition can run from $ 19.99 and up. However, rates of old movies vary in both the stores.If you rent a movie from iTunes, you get a month to watch it, but once you started watching it, you have to finish it in a day. But if you rent a movie from Google Play, the same time is given to you to watch the movie i.e. a month, but to finish that movie, Google Play allows you a time frame of 48 hours. These limits are not rigid; they vary from movie to movie. Moreover, even though you can stream videos from iTunes purchases on Apple TV; keep in mind, you cannot stream them on the other iOS devices such as; iPhone, iPad or iPod. This means you have to download the purchased content first and then you can enjoy it. Whereas, Google play allows the purchased content to stream right away to all the supported devices. You do not need to wait for the content to download in order to enjoy it.Apple iTunes only supports iOS devices like: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Apple TV. On the other hand, Google Play supports all devices that are Android supported. iTunes has a quality that Google play lacks; all the videos available on iTunes are available in SD (Standard Definition) as well in HD (High Definition). The reason for the availability of qualities in every video is that iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Apple TV have the capacity to run HD videos. On the other hand Android devices usually are not able to run HD videos.

Apple iTunes has a relatively larger app market than Google Play. iTunes apps are available in 157 countries of the world; on the other hand Google play is offering app service in just 134 countries. Citizens of 51 countries can purchase books from iTunes. This service of Google play is available in just 14 countries. Service of movie rentals and purchases is offered by iTunes in 109 countries, and Google play has this service available in no more than 13 countries. The iTunes music facility is available in 122 countries and Google Play’s music service is available merely in 12 countries. TV purchases of iTunes are present in 6 countries, whereas only 1 country is served by Google play regarding this service. These statistics give a clear indication that Apple iTunes has the clear upper hand over Google Play.

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