You Are The Lucky Winner Of Our Lottery… SCAM!


Lottery scams are one of the most common types of scams. However, these scams are the most tempting also. When people receive an email with a subject like “Congratulations, you have become a Millionaire”,it could tempt a person to try his luck. Unfortunately, he gets nothing except getting ridicule by cyber thugs. Once you fall for the scam, it becomes extremely difficult to get your way out of their trap. Now, the question arises that how do these lottery scams work?

The cyber criminals do not target a particular person. They get hundreds of email IDs from internet and send the scam email in bulk. Then they sit behind and wait for their prey to fall in their trap. When a person replies to the email, they act as highly qualified professionals who hold a major position in the hierarchy of a reputed company. They coax their victim to provide his personal information and may insist to submit a sum of money to start the procedure for sending the prize money. They may ask for a direct fee or ask their victim to open a bank account in a bank which actually does not really exist. They convince their victim to visit the fake website of the bank. The fake bank asks the person to make some initial deposit in order to open a bank account. If a person initiates the payment, they keep asking for further payments in the name of expenses until their prey realizes that he has just been fooled by some devilish geniuses.

The scammers may mention the names of multinational companies and even claim to be government officials. If their victim asks them for their identity, they do not hesitate to provide a scanned copy of an identity card of a government official. These criminals are extremely organized –they plan all their steps and work accordingly. The innocent victim usually has no idea of what they are up to, until it’s too late.
What’s more, these e-crooks actively seek out lost USB flash drives, hoping they may find some sensitive information stored within those drives. Therefore, it’s recommended that you password protect USB drives.

As the gang who are setting such plots are professional criminals, so they can be violent. It is advisable not to respond to the emails just for fun. It may become a threat to you, your family and your assets. If you get any such email, my humble advice is report it the relevant authorities.

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