Employees Vs Hackers

Employees Vs. hackers
Employees Vs. hackers

According to a press release issued by the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) and Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA), a survey on accidental data loss Vs. Hackers revealed that instead of worrying more about hackers, what companies fret over are their employees. Yes, their very own employees.

What they generally don’t realize is that both the employee and a hacker are two areas of concern which cannot probably be separated from each other.

These days the main objective of organized cyber attacks is something that makes you and your business a working entity.

Yes, we’re talking about those precious bits and bytes that you spend hours, days, months and years to amass and store for future use. This is why your data is a main target for hackers these days- not forgetting the fact that all these hackers want is your MONEY!So, they’ll try to find a rather easier yet workable route to dive into and out of your company.

What could possibly go wrong when a hacker is waiting at your doorstep to make its way in? Your employees could be swindled smartly through a well-organized social engineering communication tactic and be convinced to assist the hacker in infecting the company’s network by opening the door of his own computer.

Attractive, isn’t it? Let’s understand this by giving you a dramatic scenario.

Now days, almost every working professional has had a professional profile over a recruitment portal or network. Say, your employee has his details uploaded on a well-known recruitment website, which invites a hacker to plan his first move on him.

The hacker calls up the employee, introduces himself as a recruiter of a well-known company and explains to him that he’s been highly recommended to the company he introduced. ‘Someone being highly recommended to a well-known company’, that’s where the drama begins.

The hacker uses this line to grab the instant attention of the victim. Once the victim is all attentive to what comes next, the hacker makes his second move. Keep reading!

So, now the hacker a.k.a the disguised employer, tells the victim that he wants to send additional information on the ‘xyx-the best looking job ever’ and asks for his email address.

The victim feels privileged as intended, he drops his email address and he’s trapped. Even if the intended victim is wise enough to avoid falling for such a trap, there is a fat chance that the hacker will eventually find some other victim from the same company and succeed in trapping him.

So back to when an employee drops his email address: When the employee agrees to receiving more information on the ‘job-of-a-lifetime’ offer, the hacker sends an attachment to the email address provided. While sitting at his office, if the employee opens the email and downloads the attachment, that’s where the real trouble begins.

The attachment fired over can be infected with a zero-day exploit that, once infused into the system, takes the control of the system out of the real user and hands it over to the hacker very smartly. Sneaking all around your network to grab hold of your sensitive key data, the hacker could bounce your company up the creek, and that too without a paddle.

What’s important in this hypothetical scenario is the general security awareness among your employees. Educate them enough so that whenever they are on the verge of falling in a trap like this, they start getting this niggle sirens that something is not right and should be communicated to the IT team, at any cost.

However, educating employees is not enough to strengthen your defenses against hackers.

A Double-layered defense system will be needed to fend off these smartly engineered hacking attacks. That’s right! Proper security awareness backed up with advance security technology is what completes your defense system.

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