Beware, There Is A URL Out There Which Will Crash Your IPhone


Beware this URL will Crash your iPhone:

Don’t visit on your iPhone. If you do, it will crash your browser and even the device itself. The site has been making its rounds across twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Whenever the link is pressed, it will begin typing thousands of characters into the search/address bar every second. This would exhaust your phone’s memory and forces the browser, and sometimes even your phone to reboot itself.

The website works best on iPhone 6S and iPhone 5S running iOS version 9.2.1 and a regular iPhone 6 running iOS 9.2. In other words, if you’re using a recent iPhone or one running the latest version of iOS, you’re probably at risk. According to the twitter folks, the link opens on Android phones too, but it only freezes the browser. Some even state that it works on PC browsers, depending on how much RAM there is available.

If you visit the website, it will load for a moment and then crash Safari, or any other web browser, sending you back to the home screen with everything else intact. It may force a reboot of your phone. However, the link is not malicious and it won’t do any harm to your device. But it surely is annoying to have to wait for your Internet browser or smartphone to reboot.

Although it might be obvious to not press the link, online users can still fall for it. People are posting the link by disguising it as a short URL, which doesn’t show the name of the page.

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