How To Secure Your Private Notes On IOS

So you’re like one of those people who have a really bad memory. You fail to reach appointments on time, forget your mom’s birthday, or the name of the restaurant where your special friend invited you to dinner. In this scenario, you need to keep notes of everything.

However, carrying a notepad everywhere with you is complex and extremely irritating, especially when you need to make a note in the middle of the street, or scroll through all those pages to find where you wrote it. With the advent of smartphones, these problems are mostly over. The App Store is full of dozens of apps which allow you to keep notes, to checklists, diaries, etc. on your iPhone.


What most of these apps lack is that special lock, which guards your private diary. Modern notes apps are completely accessible. All a hacker needs to do is to somehow bypass your iPhone’s passcode, and all of your life’s secrets are completely within his reach. To safeguard this information, you need to have a notes app with good security features. Fortunately, you can now safeguard your private notes with Notes Lock.

The Ultimate Solution!

Notes Lock password-protects your secret notes and to-do lists with either a pass code, pin code or pattern. You can write notes in different fonts and sizes, and can organize them as you wish. It also allows you to insert images and sounds into your Notes. And you can edit your notes anytime with the Notes Editor function. Notes Lock makes it easier for you to keep school, college or university notes.

Notes lock for School, College, University

Apart from making quick notes, Notes Lock allows you to keep to-do lists as well. The to-do list never lets you miss a beat with its reminder alerts feature. The app has a built-in calendar view which enables you to view and manage your notes and to-do lists.

Other features include;

Decoy Mode

Decoy Mode rescues you when you have no other option available but to reveal your passcode. It works when you enter the fake user login, which you’d previously set up. The app ‘pretends’ that it has opened when actually it hasn’t. It only opens up an interface of empty folders.

Panic Switch and Stealth Mode

It also has a Panic Switch option. This allows you to switch to another app quickly by just shaking, flicking or placing the palm of your hand on the screen of your iPhone. It allows you to hide the contents of your app from any person passing by, etc.

Hack Attempt Monitoring

Hack attempt monitoring allows you to monitor and identify whoever tried to access your personal notes in your absence. The app clicks the image of any unauthorized user from the front camera of your iPhone.

Notes with passcode lock

Dropbox Backup

Added to all this is the Dropbox Backup option. You can avoid accidental loss of data by storing it in the Dropbox cloud server. You may use your existing Dropbox account, or make a new one, to back-up your notes and to-do lists.

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