USB drives came into existence almost two decades ago and are still running with enough juice even today. To say that their use has decreased would stand to be true but the main reason for this to happen be not the emergence of cloud services, but the emergence of new and improved threats. For example, modern day threats include Trojans, malwares, and spywares etc. that so far, seem too hard to control. Hence, the need for a USB security software comes into existence that restricts all such threats.

How to Protect Flash Drives with Usb Secure?

Ever since 2000, the utilization of flash drives over time has promoted much to the portability of data and information. Users from all walks of life rely on such convenience where the need to have data and information available at any instance is considered to be of paramount importance. These widely used devices are lightweight, removable, and rewritable.

Where such characteristics of USB flash drives have contributed to the convenience of using USB flash drives for easily moving data and information from one place to the next, and has also enabled users to stay in touch with relevant data when they need it, the associated risks of data loss and data theft have also come into full play.

Because these devices come in small sizes and allow ease of use, they have also enabled any unauthorized or unsupervised visitor or employee to store and smuggle out classified information with little or no chance of discovery. USB flash drives have also been known to be used by attackers to use malicious software such as keyboard loggers or packet sniffers to harm or disable corporate networks as well as publicly connected networks. USB flash drives may also be used intentionally or unsuspectingly to transmit malware and auto execute worms onto networks.

The consequences of losing your USB flash drive with all its contents can be detrimental. The thought of losing your personal and confidential information like bank details, social security information, credit card details, passwords, lock combinations, etc. is scary enough. Now imagine actually losing that kind of information in the public!

There is a significant increase in the number of cases of privacy breach because of lost or stolen USB flash drives that emphasize the importance of having a secure USB flash drive to carry your confidential data. We, at, completely understand the need to protect and secure your sensitive data on your USB flash drives, and have developed USB Secure to serve that purpose.

USB Secure is excellent software programs to password protect USB flash drives so that you can secure all types of personal and confidential information in it without any headache of privacy breach even if you have lost your USB drive. It password protects your confidential data on your USB flash drives and on other external storage devices within seconds.

USB Secure is a reliable and an easy-to-use application that even a novice can easily install and use without any difficulty.


To password protect and secure USB flash drives with USB Secure, follow these simple steps:

  • Plug in your USB flash drive to your computer, and run the Setup program to install USB Secure on your USB Flash drive. Next, run the application directly after installation. Please note that if the USB Secure is already installed on your USB drive, then plugging it in your PC will prompt an Autoplay window asking you two options:
  • Open USB-Drive
  • Protect This USB Drive
  • Click on the ‘Protect This USB Drive’ and set and confirm a new password for the USB flash drive. Next, click on ‘Ok’ and all your data will be password protected and have a secure flash drive.
  • Now just sit back and relax for having reliable and complete usb disk security without any fear of losing with usb secure.


USB Secure as the name suggests lets you protect all your portable, external drives quickly. These drives range from the basic 2GB to 64GB and the size of capacity is increasing day by day. This storage is receiving stiff competition from cloud accounts like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box accounts. Hence, the survival of USB drives in the end seems tough. However, today, if you want to put reliable security against the viruses, USB Secure is your go-to option.