Best USB security ever!

Brilliantly simple to use and allows you to have both the unprotected and protected files on a Keypen at the same time. This is fantastic for ensuring that client data is safe from prying eyes yet still allows you normal keypen functions.
When meeting clients and you need to keep usernames and passwords secure, this is exactly the tool you should have. Even if you leave your keypen by accident you always know the data is secure.

Jon Siddall (Birmingham, U.K)

Power Protection!

It’s very easy and light-weight. I like the program’s one-click protection.

Liza Murad (New Jersey, USA)

Highly Recommended!

It’s a simple yet fantastic program to use. Highly Recommended.

Mary Anne Woodworth (Iowa, USA)

A Small Giant!!!

A small, yet an effective data protection application for users who need on-the-fly and on-the-go protection of their files and folders.

Kudrow Perry (Nebraska, USA)

Right For The Money!

A completely ‘No-Hassles’ data protection product.

Patricia Elizabeth (Saskatchewan, Canada)

“Just the tool I needed!!!”

OMG! This program is amazing! I lost my important data twice before? So I went looking for software that would help me at least protect my files. Although USB Secure was not the first product I used, it definitely stayed with me.

Jennifer Tyner (North Carolina, USA)


Virtually no problems working with USB Secure. It actually does what it claims to do!

Chris Richards (Oklahoma, USA)

For Everyday Use!!!

USB Secure is intended for people with everyday data protection needs. It is an extremely useful utility to have, especially for people who are always on the Go!

Kyle Logan (Yukon, Canada)

Very highly recommended!

So very convenient. And so very easy to use. USB Secure is the best product I’ve come across in portable data protection. You don’t even feel like there’s a software program running and performing all its functions. It is very light and has been extremely reliable for me at least.

Tabitha Keira (Virginia, USA)

“Wow! Great for SD Cards!”

I never thought that such a unique data protection program is available especially for protecting memory cards. It password protects memory cards perfectly 🙂

Walter Haussmann (Louisiana, USA)


User friendly and clear instructions. One of the coolest apps I’ve used.

Chad Morris (South Australia, Australia)

Works Great!

One of my close friends told me about USB Secure while I was searching desperately for software to protect my memory cards. And I’m glad I looked into it. USB Secure is works great for external storage media protection.

Charles Uptmore (Texas, United States)

“Recommended if you want to password protect entire USB.”

Easy to use, simple interface. From what I’ve found, this is the best out there if you want to protect your whole USB at once.

Ian Murphy (Illinois, USA)

“Way To Go USB Secure”

Other similar products can kick dirt, as USB Secure works like a charm for protecting entire external drives.

Dean Thomas (Queensland, Australia)

“So far the BEST!!!”

A MUST HAVE and a lightweight data protection tool for all external storage devices. A simple program and effective!!!

D desanko (Singapore, Kotta Tinggi)

“I like it… VERY EASY TO USE”

This is the program I was looking for. It automatically loads when I plug my USB drive and asks for the password I set to protect my data in the drive. A must have!

Brittany, Griffiths (Wellington, New Zealand)

The Finest Piece of Software in It’s Class!

I think overall USB Secure is the finest piece of software that you can buy. I am protecting a 250 GB external drive with all my songs and copyright material in it, sitting safe and sound. I liked this program because it is extremely easy to use and not for the tech guys alone. I’d say, give it a try and see it for yourself.

Larry Folkhound (Delaware, USA)

Easy to use and uncomplicated software!

I like USB Secure because it is an uncomplicated piece of work. Unlike similar applications, USB Secure allows me to protect my USB drive in the esiest of possible ways with single-click operation and plug-n-play support.

Rinus van der Graaf (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Efficient and safe!

USB Secure is hack-proof for sure. I tried to hack into this several times using all types of hacking methods but was unable get past the protected files. All I see is highly sophisticated protection, layer upon layer preventing me from hacking protected files…

Ryan N. Walker (Texas, USA)

USB Secure is tough to beat!

I highly recommend this program to everyone who travels with their USB drives from home and office everyday.

Susan Murdoch (North Caroline, USA)