Benefits of Using USB Secure

This is the age of portability and convenience. People carry portable devices to stay up-to-date no matter where they are. Whether you’re at an airport and want to login to several accounts on a computer you found at the airport or whether you are in an internet café and want to check your emails; you always need your USB drive with you. Isn’t it therefore important that you keep it protected from loss and theft?


According to a survey about 95% of confidential and other sensitive data is being copied in USB flash drives including 25% of customer data, 17% financial information, 15% business plans, 13% employee data, 13% marketing plans, 6% intellectual property and about 6% of it is source codes. This reflects the importance of securing your USB drive. Furthermore, the survey proved that people have a tendency of keeping important data in portable devices than in the PC itself, because that is where they keep all the information that keeps getting updated more frequently.


USB Secure helps you to password protect USB drives and all other portable media so that no one can access your data even if they are lost or stolen. Your data will remain protected if you use USB Secure.


Following is a list of the comprehensive and award-winning features and benefits that have made USB Secure a segment-leading product in portable data protection and security.


    • Password Protection:USB Secure allows you to password protect your portable media including USB flash drives, memory cards and sticks, thumb drives, jump drives and pen drives.
    • Ease of Use: When it comes to external hard drive security, ease of use is the most important factor. Who would bother using time consuming and hard to learn data protection programs? You may even miss your flight. USB Secure is very convenient to use and down to earth.
    • Compatibility: The program works on all flavors of Windows i.e. Windows 2000/ Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7.0. USB Secure works perfectly well on all external portable media like USB flash drives, Thumb Drives, Memory Sticks, Memory Cards, Pen Drives and Jump Drives.
    • User Friendly Interface: USB Secure is easy to install, run and use. It doesn’t complicate it’s users with technical jargons common in other data protection programs.
    • Peace of Mind: Total peace of mind from security leaks and privacy breaches. Never again fear of what’s happening to your device while it is lost or stays out of your reach.
    • Affordability: USB Secure works well without having to shed hundreds of dollars. It is cost-effective and reliable at the same time.
    • Portability: With USB Secure you can make your portable media safe and secured no matter where you take it. When you plug-in your USB drive in another computer, you’ll find it secured and protected.
    • Reliable and Independent: USB Secure protects data using several layers of patent pending protection methods. This makes it a PC and hardware independent protection program.
    • No Administrator Rights Required: USB Secure doesn’t require any type of admin rights to password protect or open your already protected portable storage devices.


Protecting your data on external drives is fast and extremely easy to implement. To secure your files directly onto your external drive, simply select the ‘Create Locker’ option in the application and select your chosen external drive as the destination for your new Locker. Additionally, select ‘Move/Copy Locker’ to move/copy an existing Locker to your external drive. Please note that, by default, Lockers are created in your computer’s ‘My Documents’ folder.


  • Portability of your protected files enables you to take your password-protected files anywhere you want without the fear of data-loss or -theft.
  • USB Secure has been the world leader in portable data protection and security applications with a robust and comprehensive set of data security functions and provides advanced data protection features for users with government-level data protection needs.


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