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USB Secure Version History

VersionRelease DateWhats's New
2.1.7November, 15th 2018The latest version of USB Secure brings you better security, improved compatibility and the recent minor bugs are now fixed.
2.1.6March, 01st 2018The updated version brings you improved security for USB drives along with minor bugs being fixed.
2.1.5December, 04th 2017The latest update of USB Secure comprises of improved compatibility and the minor bugs have been fixed.
2.1.4September, 08th 2017Minor bugs fixed along with improved security for USB drives, Flash disks and other external devices.
2.1.3June, 05th 2017The updated version of USB Secure comes with improved compatibility with Windows 10 and minor bugs have been fixed.
2.1.2March, 07th 2017Minor bug fixed and optimized performance on Windows 10.
2.1.1January, 13th 2017In this version update, minor bugs have been resolved in the GUI interface.
2.1.0January, 09th 2017The latest USB secure version comes with a brand new user-interface design. Minor bugs have been resolved for Windows 10 users.
2.0.6November, 17th 2016USB Secure has been optimized to work with Windows 10. Improvements in code have also been made for quicker locking and unlocking.
2.0.5May, 17th 2016The latest USB Secure version comes with a redesigned user-interface, facilitates better file & folder management.
2.0.4October, 26th 2015In this version update, USB Secure's source code has been modified to work on Windows 10.
2.0.3June, 30th 2015In this version update, USB Secure has been updated with new security algorithm.
2.0.2March, 06th 2015In this version update, some minor user-reported bugs have been resolved.
2.0.1August, 26th 2014In this version update, minor bugs were fixed which were related to the protection feature for individual files and folders.
2.0June, 12th 2014USB Secure 2.0.0 has been updated with a new user-friendly interface and new security features. It makes portable data protection simple and straightforward. In addition, you can select specific and individual files or folders which need to be protected.
1.8.1February, 10th 2014USB Secure now has improved GUI with some added security layers to prevent eavesdropping.
1.8.0December, 03rd 2013This is a major update of 1.x version of USB Secure with a new graphic user friendly interface and compatibility for all major version of Windows.
1.7.0May, 20th 2013In this version update, minor changes have been made to the code to further enhance the overall flexibility of modifying/viewing certain file formats within the virtual drive.
1.6.9October, 16th 2012This version update of USB Secure enhances compatibility with Windows 8 and includes basic maintenance updates.
1.6.8September, 26th 2012USB Secure has been modified and enhanced to work with all variants of Windows 8 operating system. Some minor glitches have also been fixed in this update.
1.6.7May, 25th 2012This version update of USB Secure resolves user reported issues and has been updated for enhanced performance on Windows Vista 64 bit edition.
1.6.6November, 02nd 2011This version update of USB Secure resolves compatibility issue with external drives on non-administrative users. A recommended update.
1.6.5October, 05th 2011This version fixes bugs related to UAC in Windows 7 and improves the overall application performance when performing protect / unprotect functions.
1.6.1June, 21st 2011This version update includes some improvement in existing protection layer. Some minor glitches have also been fixed in this update.
1.6.0May, 10th 2011This update comes with better compatibility for Windows Vista machines and fixes data access issues.
1.5.8March, 07th 2011This version update of USB Secure enhances compatibility with Windows Vista and includes basic maintenance updates.
1.5.5December, 24th 2010Version update of USB Secure 1.5.5 enhances compatibility with 64-bit versions of Windows 7.0, as well as fixing minor bugs with Virtual Drive data access.
1.5.2December, 07th 2010Maintenance update, a few bug fixes, better support & compatibility for all variants of Windows 7.
1.5.0June, 11th 2010This is a major update of USB Secure that comes with an additional feature - Open Data in Virtual Drive so that you can access your data without extracting it to your USB drive. Now you can also add owner information. A recommended update.
1.4.1April, 07th 2010This version adds an additional layer of security and improvements that make the application even easier to use. Some issues with 64-bit versions of Windows 7.0 has also been fixed. USB Secure is now fully ready for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7.0.
1.4.0March, 16th 2010This is a major update version of USB Secure featuring complete compatibility on Windows 7.0, both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors of Home Basic, Home Premium, Enterprise, Ultimate versions of Windows. Support for additional USB devices is also added in this version.
1.3.1February, 12th 2010This update comes with an added layer of protection and some fixes in protection with external drives as well as USB drives. Furthermore, you can now give us feedback in the form of ideas and suggestions.
1.3.0January, 08th 2010This update adds a master key feature and improved protection procedures. A few minor glitches and bug fixes in this version.
1.2.6December, 04th 2009Uninstall feature is added so that the program can be uninstalled easily after entering correct password. Write protected drives can also be protected. Many other bug fixes and enhancements.