Be it flash drive, USB drive or external hard drive, you must arrange adequate security/protection in order to survive. These storage devices came into existence almost two decades ago, and are still at the verge of being one of the most commonly used physical drive. No doubt, USB drives have faced stiff competition from the emerging cloud storage services but users are still in doubts whether should they switch to the new medium of storage or stay in their comfort zone of using only USB drives.

How to Lock Flash Drive For Windows 7/8/10 With USB Secure?

This is the age of portability and convenience. People carry portable devices to stay up-to-date no matter where they are. Whether you’re at an airport and want to login to several accounts on a computer you found at the airport or whether you are in an internet café and want to check your emails; you always need your USB drive with you.

Isn’t it therefore important that you keep it protected from loss and theft?

Flash drives, memory cards and other storage devices have renewed the concept of data storage. These small storage devices are portable, reasonably priced and can store tons of information. These features make removable media devices cost-effective and convenient for individuals, companies, and institutions.

Although these storage devices are small and convenient; they pose a risk of identity theft if they are stolen, misplaced or lost. Imagine what would happen if your flash drive or any other storage device gets stolen and puts you at risk of identity theft or jeopardizes your reputation at work. That’s why companies, institutions and individuals are very much concerned about protecting their flash drives and other storage devices.

USB Secure protects your sensitive data against theft, accidental loss, and data leak.

USB Secure is the perfect choice to prevent any unauthorized use of your USB drive. Since USB flash drives are getting very popular because of their small size, portability and convenience, it is extremely important to prevent any unauthorized usage of these devices as it could lead to many usb disk security and privacy problems.

USB Secure is an easy and safe way to lock and protect your USB flash drive. Furthermore, the program supports plug and play which means whenever you plug in your device to your computer, USB Secure automatically detects it and asks you for the password to protect and unprotect your data.


To lock and protect USB flash drives, follow these simple steps:


  • Plug in USB flash drive, and run the Setup program to install USB Secure on your USB flash drive. Run the application directly after installation. Please note that if USB Secure is already installed on your USB drive then plugging it in your PC will prompt an Autoplay window asking you two options:
  • Open USB-Drive
  • Protect This USB Drive
  • Click ‘Protect This USB Drive’, and set and confirm a new password for the USB drive. Next, click on ‘Ok’ and all your data will be locked and protected on your USB Flash drive.


The need for a USB security software is at large because such USB drives do not come with any reliable security algorithms. Any geek who may have a bit of information can easily send a virus into your USB drive through various means while leaving you helpless. Hence, USB Secure lets you set a password protection option on your USB drive to prevent anyone damaging the contents stored in it.