USB drives are a method of storing ample amount of data that may be transported along with us wherever we go. The starting devices used in data storage was a floppy disk that was larger in size and didn’t even had enough space that would enable us store enough data. Usually we were in need of multiple floppy disks that seemed handy but did not add to our convenience.

Access Protected data in Virtual drive without extracting them to your USB drive

The popularity of USB flash drives has greatly increased due to the fact that they are light weight, easy to use and carry GBs of data. These drives are small enough that you can even attach them to your key chain, but their small size is a cause of worry as they can be easily lost or stolen and this can be very traumatic especially if the lost or stolen USB drive contains sensitive information.

USB Secure is a usb drive security software that has solved this problem by allowing you to password protect and lock your usb flash drive. The program works like a charm and secures all types of flash drives including USB drive, jump drive, pen drive, thumb drive even memory card and memory sticks.

USB Secure comes with an Auto-play feature that supports plug and play. This means whenever you plug in your USB drive to your computer, USB Secure executes automatically and prompts you for the correct password. Once the correct password is entered, you can protect and unprotect your USB drive.

The program uses multiple layers of patent pending protection technology to secure your confidential data. Furthermore, its protection is PC and hardware independent i.e., you need not to install USB Secure at the other end to unprotect your protected data. Furthermore, USB Secure gives you the feature to access your protected files in a virtual drive without extracting them to your USB drive. This feature is useful for those who want to access, add, delete, copy or edit files quickly without unprotecting them permanently.

Follow these steps to access your data in a virtual drive:

    • Plug in USB flash drive
    • Download and install USB Secure to your USB drive
    • Run the application directly after installation
    • If the program is already installed on your USB drive then plugging it in your PC will prompt an Autoplay window asking you for two options:

a. Open USB-Drive b. Protect This USB Drive

    • Set and confirm a password for this USB drive
    • Click ‘Protect This USB Drive’
    • Click ‘Ok’ and all your data will be password protected
    • From here, you can select how do you wish to unprotect your data. USB Secure offers you two different methods of unprotecting your data:

a. Open Data in Virtual Drive b. Extract Data to USB Drive

  • Select ‘Open Data in Virtual Drive’ and click ‘Unprotect’. This will open your protected data in a virtual drive so that you can access, copy, cut/paste or edit your files.
  • However, if you select ‘Extract Data to USB Drive’, all your protected files will be extracted to your USB drive.

Benefits of using USB Secure:

No threat of data loss from your USB drive wherever you go

Restriction towards spyware, malware etc.

Public PCs would not be able to harm your drive that are usually infected