Things To Remember While Buying A New Smartphone

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Things to Consider Buying a new Smartphone

Whenever one decides to get a new phone, he constantly thinks about which phone they should buy. Well, if you have enough budget to buy a phone, then iPhone 6S or Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge is the phone to buy. But, if you have a limited sum of money, then you have to choose among the phones which have less capability. Before buying a new phone, you need to make some decisions about the features you want in the phone. When you buy a phone, it stays with you for around a year or two, thus, try to buy a better phone at once. Well, here are the things to consider when buying a new smartphone. (

Type of phone

There will be hardly anyone that would desire to buy a feature phone instead of smartphone in today’s world. So, this choice is almost impliedly answered. However, if someone is not comfortable with smartphones and wants to use a keyboard for typing and other tasks, one can opt for BlackBerry Priv, which is an Android phone and it comes up with a detachable keyboard.

Screen size and operating systems

The size of smartphones is growing with the passage of each day. However, there is a fairly wide range of smartphones with different screen sizes. It ranges from 4 inches to 6.5 inches. Not everybody is comfortable with the gigantic sized smartphones and the majority of the people do not like to use small devices as well. The range of screen sizes is quite healthy for users. Plus, you need to decide which operating system you want to use. Android, Windows and iOS are the three commonly used OS, you need evaluate them all and make a choice.


megapixels always give you a better image
megapixels good for a camera

It is not always necessary that higher the megapixels will give you the better result. There are cases where a good 13 megapixel camera can produce better results than a poor 20 MP camera. There have been phones produced by Nokia or HTC in the past that had fewer MP, but, there picture quality was better than many superior cameras. There are a number of aspects like the type of lens, sensor and others on which your opinion should be based about a phone’s camera.


processor speed is best for phone
the right processor

A fast processor allows you smartphone to work faster. It is somewhat the heart of a smartphone, a processors lets the smartphone to function smoothly and gives user a wonderful experience. The newer processors are efficient; they tend to keep the performance of a smartphone up to the mark.


battery affect performance
the importance of battery in phone

Battery plays a very important role in the performance of your cell phone and in your user experience. If you want to have phone that can give you a healthy battery backup, you can buy a phone having 4,000mAH battery. It will answer your reservation of having a poor battery backup. It increases your overall experience of using the phone.

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