Let’s Meet Some Weirdly Wonderful Gadgets

Edward Robin

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Technology is everywhere; appliances that never require Bluetooth or WiFi are slapped with internet connectivity. The year 2015 has been a happening year for technology. The world saw some of the most brilliant and bizarre gadgets and they wowed people. Well, let me enlighten your knowledge with some weird, yet mind blowing tech devices that introduced to the world this year.

Smart Mirror

If you are a self-conscious person, you might see yourself a dozens of time in mirror every day. You probably evaluate yourself each time you see yourself, your hair, skin, dress and everything. Well, Panasonic has worked for you and they have produced a Smart Mirror. The mirror will evaluate you, it will tell you about the wrinkles on your face, black heads, dryness, pores and other details. Even, the Smart Mirror will advise you like an expert, the products that can help you look better. It can tell you about new makeup styles and even it can let you see yourself with facial hair (which is handy for male users). What else can you ask from technology?

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It is a belt that you wear with your pants, but, no, it is not an ordinary one, it’s a smart one. Belty gets connected to the person’s smartphone via Bluetooth with its embedded sensor. What this belt does is, if you eat too much, it loosens itself a little, giving a comfortable feel. But, it does not allow the user to eat much, when it gets the signals that its users is eating too much, it starts vibrating. The belt is smart enough to tighten itself when you stand up and loosens when you sit down. Isn’t it something great for making you feel comfortable?


Do you desire to walk faster? If yes, get yourself a pair of Rollkers. They seem like ordinary skates, but, they are a wonder of technology. These tech skates help you walk at a speed of 7 mph, which is twice the speed of an ordinary person. Rollkers help users to balance; it does not require any training. These skates get fix under shoes irrespective of the size and type of the footwear of the user. This is something you call a blessing of technology!

Tao Chair

Not everyone is determined enough to gym daily. There are people, who just want to sit on their relaxing chair and watch their favorite shows on TV. Tao Chair is specially designed for such people. The company rightly terms it “the invisible gym in your living room”, the whole gym somewhat hidden in the chair, with fitness sensors all over it. The arm rests of the chair oppose to move in the direction you want to move them with enough force to burn your calories. It also shows how much calories you have burnt.  You can do curls, presses and leg lifts on this chair, if you properly place your arms and legs on it. Did you ever think about using your chair as a gym?

Melo Mind

Melo Mind is a wearable gadget, but, it is something class apart. It scans your brain and transforms your neural activity into suitable music. A connected app catches the brain signals via Bluetooth, it then interprets your stress level and plays music soothing music that can help you relax. It is something you always craved for, isn’t it?

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