Keep Those Embarrassing Videos Safe And Hidden

Edward Robin

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Today, our lives are more advanced than ever before, and the future of technology is bound to become more complicated as the years’ progress. Most things we do in our daily lives either involves a smartphone or a PC. This means that we are becoming increasingly reliant on our technological tools. Think about it. When you go to work, what is the first thing you do? It’s likely that you will check your electronic mail (email). ( Next, depending on what your job role is, you may start working on that PowerPoint presentation if you work in business development; you may start calling candidates or begin by updating HR records on excel if you work in the HR department. The objective here is to link the technology to everyday workplace operations and life in general.

From the files we save, be it images, videos, spreadsheets, word processor files or database files Wherever we go, we like to take selfies, whether it’s in front of a new restaurant that just opened up or a random person on the street – you got to take a selfie – if there’s no apparent reason for taking a selfie. The point is that everything we do, see and feel has to do with technology. If you need to get from point A to B – and you have no idea where it is – you would most likely use your smartphone to get you there. Likewise, if you need to have a face to face conversation with your significant other located thousands of miles away, you will most likely be able to get in touch with them using some form of face to face chat programs such as Skype or Google chat.

The use of smartphones has become excessive more or less. Everything has to be photographed. Consequently, even if it’s a small event like a party at a friend’s house, it will be photographed and videos will be published on social media. Likewise, any embarrassing acts – while under the influence or otherwise – will also be recorded on video or photo. Accordingly, many people feel that such images should be deleted immediately. However, some people think that such videos and images capture unique, funny or realistic moments in their life, and thus they want to keep these photos for themselves – perhaps to later reflect on them – and show their grandchildren how they too liked to party – or just to remember the good old days 20 or 30 years later in life.

Hide Images & videos using this one software:

embarrassing videos save and hidden
embarrassing videos save and hidden

Accordingly, such videos shouldn’t be shared in the cloud and should be kept in a virtual locker inside your PC.  One of the most trusted and popular photo locking software is Folder Lock. The software is simple and easy to use. Once downloaded and installed, the user can simply drag their image Folder onto the lock interface to instantly lock that image Folder. What’s more? For more advanced security, users have the option to create password-protected encrypted lockers using Folder Lock – best of all; these lockers can also be uploaded to a dedicated cloud backup service.

Folder Lock for Desktop:

Folder Lock for Android:

Folder Lock for iPhone:

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