How To Connect Your IPhone With Rest Of The World!


Over the course of using your Apple device, you’ve probably downloaded dozens of social media applications. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Sound Cloud and so on. To use each account, you would have had to download and run their apps separately from App Store.


Now imagine if you’ve bought a new phone, or for some reason, you had to reset your existing phone. In each case, you lose your time as well as all the apps which you’d previously downloaded, and now you have to go through the same pains of downloading these apps all over again, which is truly an awful and time consuming venture.

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Many argue that simply using a browser would solve this issue. But then again, you’d have to take pains entering the URLs as well as your IDs and passwords each time you want to log-in any of these accounts. The features that a browser would provide you with are outdated. Not to mention the security concerns both of these above methods have, as they are completely accessible to anyone who manages to get through your phone’s passcode (if there is any).


Social Media Vault is your ultimate solution!

So someone decided to remedy this issue with the Social Media Vault app. It allows you to use all your social media accounts via just one interface, and saves you from the trouble of downloading separate social media applications. Download Social Media Vault via App Store before you start following this tutorial;

Social Media Vault

1.Open Social Media Vault app.

2.Access any social media account you wish to use.
There are a total of 31 social media platforms available for you to use.

3.Enter your ID and password for that particular account once, as the app saves your credentials while keeping it under another layer of security.

4.Other Features


Social Media Vault is light!

The app is also lighter as compared to most other data security applications. The app only takes storage space of about 5.6MB. This also helps in saving your phone’s battery life.


Panic Switch

It also has a Panic Switch option. This allows you to switch to another app quickly by just shaking, flicking or placing the palm of your hand on the screen of your phone. It allows you to hide the contents of your app from any person passing by, etc.

Hack Attempt Monitoring

Hack attempt monitoring allows you to monitor and identify whoever tried to access your personal photos in your absence. The app clicks the image of any unauthorized user from the front camera of your iPhone.