A Phone That You Can Wash With Soap!


Don’t you hate when someone with dirty, greasy hands touches your smart phone and doesn’t even apologize. Well, chances are, if you attempted to wash off those germs with soap on your smartphone, you’re likely to short circuit the darn thing. However, Kyocera has invented a phone that can withstand a through washing with soap.

The phone is aimed at germ phobia sufferers who want their phones to be spic and span. Another feature – besides being water and soap proof—is that the phone has a unique speaker technology which creates vibration in the users ear, resulting in the most clearest and most noise free sound found on any other phone in the market.

The phone is expected to be released on December 11 in japan. It’s important to note that most conventional waterproof smartphones are simply water-proof – not soap proof. Soap tends to have a damaging effect on smartphones, as it is a form of detergent which could have a damaging effect on the internal and external components of a smartphone.

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In terms of specs, the phone comes with Android 5.1, 2 gigabytes of RAM, integrated with 5 inch display and equipped with a 16 megapixel camera. In regards to price, it will run approximately $464.00 USD. However, it will only be available for the Japanese market.

Analyzing the specs, it’s apparent that the phone is no flagship, and will most likely target women. Often there is confusion about water-proof phones, what’s their true purpose – besides being safeguarded from accidental spills? Well, in Japan, young women have a preference for using their smartphone even in the shower. Next, with frequent rain showers in Japan, having a smartphone that’s waterproof is vital; otherwise, you’re restricted to checking your Facebook or twitter statuses indoors.

Nearly, 90 – 95 percent of the women follow this trend. However, here in the U.S, the story is a little different; people aren’t so crazy about water-proof smartphones – I guess we can take showers without having the urge to update our social media statuses or other email messages. This is the reason why Sony’s Xperia line of waterproof phones haven’t done so well, especially compared to Samsung, LG, Motorola or Huawei.