Understand how you can increase efficiency and work faster

Millions of people are using computer daily and out of which about 35-40% tasks are repetitive like medical transcription, customer support, data entry, managing sales records, administrative and clerical assistance, lab technician, software developer, librarians, documentation specialists, report making, academic assignments and many more… The choices are endless. All these tedious tasks can make your brain lazy and decline your productivity at work.


Since the most important reason of using computers is to make things easier for us and to simplify our work and make our lives easier, it become exceptionally vital that we also simplify the way we use our computers especially by alleviating tedious and monotonous tasks and saving time and energy.


This is the reason people always keep trying to find out a way to automate their repetitive tasks and Macro Keys is the best choice to automate your monotonous work. It is an exceptional and incomparable Macro Recorder software that can save most of your precious time and energy by recording unlimited macros.


You can mechanize your work with the help of Macro Keys to work faster and get the job done quickly, more reliably and with less stress. Macro Keys is a productivity software program that can save up to 35-40% of your time and helping you to enhance your productivity level.


With Macro Keys, you can add macros, automate the online form fillings and logins, enable its multiple clipboards feature to automatically save whatever you copy during your working without clearing out the previous one and can quickly launch any program or application with its Hotkey feature. All these features help you to work faster and efficiently.


All you have to do to make it work is installing the Macro Keys software and creating macros. Once you have set macros for the pre-specified text, you need not to type that text again. Simply type macro and the software will itself replace macro with the text saving time and energy and preventing wear and tear on your wrists, arms and neck, and you will realize that Macro Keys exactly does what it says!

Add Macros:


  • To set a macro, run the program and click ‘Add Macro’
  • Macro Keys will show you ‘Type Macro and Text to Send’ field which will allow you to set a shortcut text as Macro and  the replacement text, word, sentence, paragraph(s) even articles that you want to be played back for that macro.
  • To finish, click ‘Ok’

Setting Multiple Clipboards:

  • Go to ‘Options’ and choose the settings for the multiple clipboards. Multiple clipboards option is enabled in Macro Keys  by default. You can set other two options which are ‘Add New Entries on Top’ and ‘Fetch Clipboard on Load’
  • Click ‘Apply’ to finish.

When you select these options, Macro Keys will record all of your clipboard data even if it is not running and place the recently copied item on the top of the list.

Setting Hotkey Launcher:


With Hotkey feature of Macro Keys, you can quickly launch any program, software, application, folder, drive, even open websites and send emails to your friends and relatives quickly without any delay.

You can read more on How to create macros, how to use multiple clipboards and how to launch any application using Hotkey from our How Tos section.


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