Product Testimonials

Fast and Easy to use!

I can add as many hot keys as I want. And the macros are password-protected.

Nelson Weaver (New York, USA)

Saves a lot of time!

Very Fast in launch and process. Time saving. Can easily find all options on the main screen.

Mark Babcock (Washington, USA)

Fast and easy to learn!

No need for help menu as it is very easy to learn all options.

Garry Bagley (Montana, USA)

Automate Form Filling!

I am searching for a new job; I have to fill forms on different websites each time I apply for a job. To save time, I started using macro Keys, and behold! No more time wasting.

Andrew Barber (San Juan, Puerto Rico)


Thanks a ton. Now I can easily fill my info within few seconds. I’m enjoying my new keyboard 🙂

Susan Barlow (Leeds, U.K)


I like the look and the design of the product. It’s fascinating. Your product is light; I can easily find all options on the main screen. Seriously I didn’t need any help menu for using it and the best thing is that we can add as many hot keys as we want & now I’ve integrated my Visual basics commands and have automated most of my programming work.

Barbara Baxter (Bristol, U.K)

Quicker than I can think!

I’m confident that I’ve trimmed the time I spend replying to emails down. It was able to do what I wanted it to do quicker than I thought it could. I’m sure if I spent more time with it there would be even more to say but at the moment that’s all I have.

Mathew Berry (Indiana, USA)

Amazing time saver!

I always get tired using my computer and doing the same stuff but when I installed this software, it really was a much needed surprise. It is easy to use. And takes care of most tedious tasks.

Andrew Hick (Arkansas, USA)

Best productive tool!

Copy and paste would never be so much easy without this software. This software saves my time more than any other.

Beck Carman (Northern Territory, Australia)

Just like Magic

!Filling so many forms again and again on the internet gets me frantic. Macro Keys has been a blessing and allows me to easily login on to the Internet and the form get filled just like magic!

Brad Chapman (New South Wales, Australia)

Anywhere Automation!

First of all, Macro Keys is simply the best macro software I’ve ever used. It outdoes your number of pre-programmed command tools. This is anywhere automation.

Beck Chase (New York, USA)

Many tasks accomplished!

I believe Macro Keys is more than useful to re-map keys and hotkeys in other applications. For example, in gaming, the action of throwing a grenade in a game can be set with CTRL+1 instead of the regular “G” key.

Sven Pereth (Plzen, Czech Republic)

Multi-tasking Automation!

Personally, I use Macro Keys mostly to execute fast and repetitive actions in video games, such has multiple-clicks. I also use it to accomplish random tasks. Like a few days ago, I had to edit the information of over fifty .MP3 files, such as the album name, artist name and song title.

Nathan Feldman (Providence, Rhode Island)

Wonderful Automation tool!

I use Macro Keys when the computer is idle for more than thirty minutes to launch a software that cleans my registry and compact it. There are lots that Macro Keys can do. A wonderful automation tool.

Cheryl Standhardt (California, USA)

The best!

Your software helps me by automating actions that can be executed with a trigger. Macro Keys is easily the best of it’s kind. Be careful not to get lazy as a result of using this program.

Seinfeld Coel (Idaho, USA)