Keyboard Macros!


  • Macro keys is a unique productivity application that simplifies your life by enabling you to automate all your repetitive tasks.
  • Macro Keys also has a built-in Virtual Keyboard that simulates real keystrokes, designed for Macro security.
  • Macro Keys is a time-saving and productivity software that can greatly reduce the time it takes to work by allowing you to set Macros.

Multiple Clipboards!


  • Macro Keys takes task automation to the next level by allowing you to store multiple clipboard items, making your repetitive tasks less cyclic.
  • Option to store 100 most recent items copied to your clipboard, and it even remembers these copied items after your computer restarts.
  • Recover back any important data that you forget or switch back and forth with your clips without copying and pasting anything over and over again.

Hotkeys Launcher!


  • With Macro Keys you can automate all your tedious and repetitive tasks, and deliver your completed work efficiently and on time.
  • Quickly launch any program, software, application, folder, drive, and website, and send emails by using the Hotkey feature in Macro Keys.
  • You have the freedom to set and launch any software with a hot-key, saving you time and energy.

Program Security!


  • Macro Keys not only saves valuable time and improves productivity, but it is also secure and reliable, offering you a priceless piece of mind.
  • Built-in Virtual Keyboard simulates real keystrokes and you can password-protect your Macros and save them in an encrypted form.
  • Maintain complete privacy and confidentiality of your private data while having access to your Macros anytime.

Easy to Use!


  • Macro Keys offers a feature-rich yet a very simple interface that allows you to extend the program’s added functionalities.
  • Deliver better work and become an improved task manager by being more productive and efficient with Macro Keys.
  • Macro Keys supports all variants of the Windows OS allowing you the flexibility to work on your platform of choice.