Realize how you can Launch any Application Using Hotkey

Macro Keys is an excellent productivity software to record macro and store multiple clipboard entries that helps you to automate repetitive tasks. This time saving software also ensures complete security of your confidential information. It enables you to password protect macro by setting a password for the application.


Hotkey feature of Macro Keys automatically launches your favorite application, program, software, folder, drive, website and default mail client by sending keystrokes. Hotkey is basically a set of one or more keyboard keys used as a short cut to invoke a software or operating system operation when triggered by the user.


Macro Keys enables you to assign any program or document with a key combination you want to use as Hotkey. You can control any application, software, folder even drive with hotkey that will save plenty of your time for you.


With Macro Keys, you need not to open any application, software, folder or drive manually, just specify the path for your desire application and assign a hotkey (combination of keys) to be used as shortcut key to open it.


Hotkey is another expeditious feature of Macro Keys. By specifying hotkeys, you can open website in your default web browser, send mails to your friends, colleagues, relatives, co-workers and many more… The choices of using Macro Keys are endless.


You can automate almost everything. Some of them are listed below:


  • Create macros
  • Insert frequently used text
  • Create template for quick insertion
  • Quickly type without any mistake
  • Copy and paste multiple clipboard items
  • Open any folder or drive
  • Launch any application or software
  • Open a web page in your default web browser
  • Open frequently used file
  • Send email to friends, colleagues and relatives and so on

To make hotkeys for quickly launching any application, follow these steps:


  • Run the program and click Hotkey Launcher tab.
  • Click ‘Add Hotkey’.
  • Give a combination of keys to be used as Hotkey either by using virtual keys present there (Alt, Shift and Ctrl) or by    typing any character from A-Z in the text field.
  • To select a program or application, click ‘Browse’ button.
  • Specify the path for the application, software, folder, program or drive you want to be triggered with that Hotkey and click ‘Ok’

Your selected program, software or application will open automatically whenever you type that Hotkey.