Method of using Multiple Clipboards

Whenever you copy something from a text file, word document or a chat window, you often run into a problem of being not able to paste the previously copied item. This problem gets aggravated when you are switching between documents that contain the source items and the target documents or doing more than two different tasks that can be monotonous and prone to errors and faults. Clipboard feature of Microsoft Office allows you to copy and paste items but it limits you to copy only 24 items and do not allow you to paste previously copied item.


Macro Keys is time saving and productivity software which gives you a hassle-free way to save all of your clipboard entries.  With Macro Keys you can save up to 100 clipboard entries that you can use it anytime just by typing simple short cut key like (prefix)c1, (prefix)c2, (prefix)c3 etc


With Macro Keys you can now copy and paste up to 100 items, view them, and have them ready for pasting. No doubt, this feature of Macro Keys is helpful in saving your precious time and energy without any limitation.


Macro Keys works with all the programs that allow text input such as a word processor, text editor, email program, instant messenger, online forms, etc. It can replace a text sequence with a letter, word, sentence, paragraph or several paragraphs. You do not have to type the text manually.


With Macro Keys, you need not to worry about lost of data that you collected on clipboard during working because it saves all of your clipboard data even if have shut down or restart your PC and can also trace back any copied item.


Macro Keys is very easy to use productivity software and can facilitate you in multi-tasking project where you require to copy and paste multiple items and conserve lot of your valuable time by automatically saving all of your copied items. Macro Keys not only enables you to collect 100 items in its clipboard but also has an incredible feature of getting hold of your copied content that you may have collected when Macro Keys is not running. You can also send the recently copied item to the top of the list.


Macro Keys is a secured software as it can password protect macros. With  Macro Keys you cannot only collectmultiple clipboard entries, but also add macros, edit them, access macros, delete one or more macros easily, and with its hotkey feature quickly launch any application or program.


Follow these simple and easy steps to learn how to use multiple clipboards?


  • Run Macro Keys
  • Go to ‘Options’ where you will find three options under ‘Multiple Clipboard Settings’.
  • 1. Enable Multiple Clipboards (Active by default)
  • 2. Fetch Clipboard on Load
  • 3. Add New Entries to Top
  • Place a check mark beside the options to activate them.
  • Click ‘Apply’

With Macro Keys, you even do not have to create short cuts for the copied items because it automatically creates shortcuts for your copied items in sequence like c1, c2, c3. . . , c100. You only have to specify a prefix that will be used with every shortcut. For example; to paste item number 47, simply press (Prefix)c47 and Macro Keys will paste the copied item.