Lock File And Folder With Encryption Software

Michelle Rossevelt

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Most people, who hear about encryption, often express symptoms of confusion. They don’t know how encryption works. They know that it can Lock file or several files in one click. There is many software out there that can lock file, but they have limitation, i.e. lacking proper encryption, thus they are venerable to hacking incidents. A good software which can lock file comes with AES-256-bit military grade encryption technology, when you lock file using a good encryption software, hackers are unable access it. Your data, be it images, videos, documents or any other file format, cannot be accessed without the correct password.

encryption software
encryption software

Data hacking is not what most people see in the movies, it is about picking out the most venerable, say to lowest hanging ripe fruit and picking it – in most cases, its people like you have don’t lock file that are sensitive. When asked by professional hackers, what is the most difficult part of hacking, to everyone’s surprise, the answer was “it’s not difficult at all”. Using sophisticated data hacking mechanisms, these hackers are able to infiltrate through open WIFI connections, they can also acquire your WIFI password through different means. Once they get on the same WIFI network as you, they can pick out any or every piece of data as they like unless the victim has lock file which can prevent hackers from accessing certain data, depending whether the lock file or files are considered sensitive.

So, how does a lock file software work? Most lock file software use encryption – in fact, if a software that claims to lock file doesn’t encrypt data, it’s not going to effectively lock file. Without a doubt, the most effective of all software, capable of file lock is Folder Lock. Folder Lock is the world’s leading data encryption software, capable of safeguarding data using AES-256-bit data. So, you may be wondering, how does it work? Folder Lock offers users two different methods to protect data. It’s most simple protection feature involves the ability to lock and hide any file, folder, images, videos one can think of. All the user has to do is drag and drop the file onto Folder Lock’s interface and it can be instantly locked. However, the lock and hide feature does not encrypt data, for that the users are required to use another feature inside Folder Lock.

Now, let’s get to the main point of encryption. Encrypting data with Folder Lock is a little more complicated than locking and hiding files. It requires the user to generate a self-excitable locker through Folder Lock’s encryption menu. Lockers can be created stationary or portable, it is up to the user to decide what type of locker they wish to create. Once they have created the locker, all that is required to setup a password for the locker, and then simply, drag and drop their data into the locker. From here, the user also has the option to upload their encrypted lockers to a dedicated cloud service provided by folder lock and accessible through its user-interface.

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