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Google’s new tablet is not a Nexus, but a Pixel this time. Pixel has always been Chrome OS laptops. This is the first time that Google has manufactured a device from the scratch to the finished product. It is also the first time that the company is naming its tablet as Pixel. The tech giant announced its new tablet, Pixel C, during its Nexus 5X and 6P launching event. The 10.2-inch Android tablet is likely to be a competitor of Microsoft Surface Pro 4, which has an optional Bluetooth keyboard. During the announcement of their new tab, Google did not disclose much about the device; however, the end result is quite impressive.

If you are willing to get a high-end Android tablet, then Pixel C is the device for you. The tab that comes with an optional Bluetooth keyboard for $149 extra, has all the qualities to rule the universe of Android tablets. At this price, the first Google manufactured tablet can stand head to head with iPad Air 2.

Connecting the keyboard with the device, it can become a decent replacement to a laptop. However, it is a fact that you can get a respectable laptop in this price and it will not have the complexities of a keyboard connected tablet. Google has put their latest tablet on sale in selected Google Play store in different countries.

Google Pixel C is as good as Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Apple iPad Air 2. All three tablets have the option of connecting keyboard and all three of them are impressive. However, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 is a full fledge laptop with a detachable keyboard. Whereas, iPad Air 2 and Pixel C are combination of a tab and laptop, which is running mobile’s operating system. Lets discuss the Google’s tab on its own.


review google pixel C
google pixel C

Pixel C has an aluminum body with a beautiful metal finish that gives a feel of a pretty high end gadget. When the keyboard is connected to the device, it looks like a shrunk version of Pixel laptop. The attachable keyboard of Pixel tab looks identical to the Pixel laptop in the likes of light strip on the top and plastic nubs at the bottom of the keyboard. It weighs 1.1 pounds, which is not something light weighted, but it does not give a heavy feel as well. The keyboard adds 399 gm in the heaviness of this tab.


old is Google pixel C
Google Pixel C review

When you switch on the tab, the first thing you notice is 10-inch screen with a display resolution of 2560×1800 with a 1500:1 contrast ratio. The screen is beautiful; in fact, it is one of the brightest screens that any tablet has ever borne. The full brightness of tablet’s screen can hurt your eyes, despite of that, it power consumption is very reasonable.


Is Google Pixel C tablet good
Google Pixel C – Full tablet specifications

The tablet functions smoothly, thanks to the Nvidia Tegra K1 and 3GB of RAM. Similar to the latest Google’s devices, Pixel C also uses the USB type C port for charging. However, there has been no formal tests conducted for the battery yet, but, the company claims that it can last 10 long hours conveniently. The C runs Android Marshmallow as its operating system and it is quite standard one. The only difference observed so far is the home and back button is located at the bottom left and the task switcher button on the right. Plus, it has 4 microphones that ensure the device to hear your OK Google commands, furthermore, the speakers are loud enough, but not deafening. It has 8 megapixel rear camera and a 3.5MP front camera.

Final Verdict

It is the first time Google had the complete control over molding a device, especially for Android Marshmallow. In the past, Google’s Nexus tablets were manufactured by Asus and HTC. As the first experience, the search giant has done an excellent job. Without any doubt, Google has produced a masterpiece and has lived up to its high standards. Apple’s iPad Air 2 and Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has got serious competition now.

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