Everything You Need To Know About Android Marshmallow 6.0

On September 29, 2015, Google revealed the latest mobile operating system Marshmallow 6.0. Google also took this opportunity to introduce their latest Nexus line ups. The Nexus 5X and Nexus 6p. For now, users looking for the latest Android 6.0 experience can only satisfy their curiosity by purchasing anyone of the latest Nexus phones.

Marshmallow 6.0 Features:

The latest update comes with a host of new features Google has introduced for the first time. Along with a more dynamic web experience, it comes with fingerprint support, mobile payment, powerful charging options and better copying and pasting experience. However, there are many other features – worth mentioning – that will we will not discuss. We are only going to list some features we felt were new for the version 6.0 – and not an improvement over the 5.0 version.

Finger Print Locking

For Android M, finger print authentication will not just be used for locking/unlocking phones, it will also be used for payments through Android Pay – be it shopping online or paying for apps on the play store.

Battery life extension

As with any smart phone, lack of battery life is the biggest concerns and battery technology is not progressing fast enough to keep up with users’ demands. To solve battery life issues, Google has introduced ‘Doze’ for Android M. Doze will detect if the device is idle, i.e if the device has been placed on a table or is not being interacted with, all background process will be stopped to save power. However, applications such important notifications and alarms will still function.

Mobile Payment:

Google has reportedly scrapped Google Wallet and replaced it with Android Pay. However, only a handful of merchants have signed up for accepting this new payment method which has to linked to your credit card. Some notable merchants accepting Android pay are Staples, babies R us, coca cola, Walgreens, whole foods, Petco, Macys, Nike and subway to name a few.