Five Best Laptops


At the end of the year, here I am looking back in 2015 for the best laptops that were launched during the year. Here I am discussing five top laptops that the world seen in 2015. These laptops have different qualities and are best in their respective category.

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch – Best Battery Life

There is hardly any mentionable difference in MacBook Pro and its ancestors in terms of design. It has the same metallic body, same weight, same thickness and everything same as before. However, Apple has adopted the fifth generation Intel Core i-series, with the name of Broadwell. The boost the performance from this change is not much significant, but, the battery time has increased to a great extent.

Dell XPS 13 Non Touch – Best 13 Inch Windows Laptop

Dell has produced an inferior version of XPS 13 as well that has a little weak configuration and does not have a touchscreen display. Although, the screen is wide and there is hardly any screen bezel. They have dumped touchscreen and the high resolution display to make it cost effective and battery efficient. High resolution is not a big loss, whereas, losing touchscreen display is a prominent thing missing, especially when the laptop doesn’t have a well working touchpad. The positive is its battery life, it can easily last up to 12 hours.

Microsoft surface Pro 4 – Best Hybrid

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 was simply the ruler of the laptop kingdom. Microsoft didn’t left behind the design and feel of Microsoft Surface Pro, they just made the screen size slightly larger to a perfect size of 12.3 inches. Microsoft Surface Pro is a stunt to test whether a tab can replace a full fledge laptop if a keyboard is attached, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 seems to have achieved that perfection. The concept of this latest Surface Pro is basically of a laptop with detachable keyboard. In a starting price of $899, you get Intel Core M3 CPU, 128GB of solid state storage and 4GB of RAM, plus a touchscreen stylus that magnetically attaches to the side of the screen.

Lenovo LaVie Z HZ550 – Best Lightweight Laptop

It seems it is made of plastic, but it isn’t. The laptop is extremely lightweight, it weighs only 0.86 kgs. It is made of magnesium/lithium alloy, which is much light weight as compared to aluminum that is used to make high end laptops. It feels like a hollow mockup, which is displayed by PC makers before they get a working unit of a new model. Despite of its light weight, it is a powerful machine. It uses a new fifth-generation low-voltage Intel Core i7 processor. It is the first time that such a slim and sleek laptop has such a powerful chip.

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