To say that Google Drive is one the most commonly used and successful form of cloud storage account is a statement that stands to be true. In addition, since its name is affiliated with the world’s largest search engine, it has a source of trust from its users. But even today after so long, it seems not everybody has been able to input all of their trust in this storage medium. Hence, Cloud Secure as a mean of security works to forgo such threat with ease and comfort.

How to access Google Drive in a protected view


To access the files in a protected view, you first need to turn the protection status for Google Drive as “ON.” Furthermore, to access these files, you simply need to click on the “View” button that will open the Google Drive’s folder under a protected view. The protection status of Google Drive gets denoted by the color “green” and enables you to restrict all the prying eyes from gaining any access to your data.


With the help of Cloud Secure’s password protection feature, you can reduce the risk of data theft or data loss to the least possible level. This is made possible with the help of a password that is known only the owner of a particular account. Once the protection is on, the access from its previous location becomes inaccessible as a feature of added security.


Google Drive – The Most User-Friendly Cloud Account

Google Drive is the most commonly used Cloud Account that provides you with enough storage capacity to store files, images & even the documents. No doubt Google Drive is a reliable Cloud Account that gives you an ample amount of space for your perfect convenience with reasonable security.

Cloud Accounts – Feasible to use but not Entirely Secure

The most troubling issue of any Cloud Account is that these storage platforms are being filled in with constant or regular informative data and a consistent watch or monitor to such files seems to be almost impossible. Under such situation, you should not use these Cloud Accounts to store your confidential or private documents as there is a huge risk of data theft or data loss.

But in any case, you can protect these Cloud Accounts with an added feature of security which is also called as the Password protection feature. This app only limits you to access your Cloud Account and gives you the perfect protection from the prying, tracking and the snooping eyes.

Data including private images, confidential documents, and personal information is of great importance and can result in severe consequences if such data gets landed into the wrong hands. But with the help of Cloud Secure’s password protective feature, you can stay trouble free at all possible times.

Cloud Secure – All-in-one-Security-App!


Above all, Cloud Secure is an essential Cloud security application that helps you to maintain the maximum protection with the help of its password protective feature. In this way, you can protect your files & documents easily by restricting the tracking and prying eyes from gaining any access to your confidential data.

Benefits of using Cloud Secure:

A single password lets you lock/unlock multiple cloud accounts using quickly

A total or max of four cloud accounts can be secured through cloud secure

Multiple cloud accounts all protected and accessible through the cloud secure’s protected interface


The protection of Cloud Secure is limited to only four cloud accounts where people may have need for more