Why Cloud Secure

Cloud Secure is an emerging concept in the data protection field that enables you to protect all your Cloud Storage Accounts with a Single Password. Such feature is known as Password Protective feature that is quite feasible for you if you’re a security concerned user.

Cloud Secure is quite a friendly security app that can be easily operated by even the not-so-tech-savvy-users. Above all, Cloud Secure enables you to use a single Master Password for all your Cloud Accounts and reduces all the hassles of maintaining more than one password.

Hence, Cloud Secure identifies such need and enables you to restrict all the illegal access from accessing your private data. Since a Single Password is used to access the different Cloud Accounts, you’re the only logical user that can access your Cloud Account with the far-reaching protection!


  • A Single Password for all your Confidential Cloud Accounts
  • Regular Syncing of Data even when it’s locked
  • Fast, Secure and Efficient in giving protection to the respective Cloud Account
  • User-friendly enough even for the not-so-tech-savvy-user
  • Multiple Cloud Accounts protected under a Single Master Password
  • Restricts all the illegal eyes from making any Adjustments to your Cloud Account
  • Supports Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP
  • Password Protection can be utilized for Google Drive, Dropbox and Box Drive with the help of our Password Protection feature
  • Keeps your data Protected, Synced and Backed up on a regular basis with no hassles
  • Enables you to limit anyone from interfering into your Cloud Account
  • Enables you to use and protect more than one Cloud Account with Solid security
  • Protects your Cloud Account from unauthorized access and prevents you from illegal Data Deletion
  • Maintains a constant monitoring service to stop any Data Leak
  • Once the protection is ON, you may access the file directly from the application by tapping on the view button
  • An extra layer of security to eradicate all prying and tracking eyes
  • Enables you to easily setup Cloud Accounts on your PC as per your needs
  • Maintains a regular Monitor to eliminate all the illegal tracking or snooping activities
  • While having protection ON, you may access the respective Cloud Account by clicking the “View” button
  • Protects Multiple Cloud Accounts including Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box Drive
  • Single Password feature reduces the struggle of remembering different Passwords for different Accounts

Cloud Secure is a rapidly evolving security app that enables you to be independent in maintaining solid protection against the negative side of the internet. Its Password Protection feature helps you fight against all the odds and maintain full proof security.

With the regular increase in the threats of the prying and snooping eyes, it is quite obvious for you not to leave your private information unprotected. A simple single layer of added security (Password Protection) can help you overcome all these problems with a Single Click!

It doesn’t matter how many Cloud Accounts you want to opt for as Cloud Secure is capable of delivering robust security to multiple Cloud Accounts. Hence, infinite protection for unlimited data is an option quite feasible, especially for the security concerned users.

Files, data, and information left unprotected are simply an open invitation for the negative side of the internet to take advantage out of your data. Such data can be of great value including your personal details, banking details or office details, etc. and the loss of such data might result in an even more significant reaction! However, Cloud Secure identifies such need and protects your data by all means. Hence, once the protection is ON, all the illegal or unwanted access gets terminated enabling only you (the Password bearer) to access the respective Cloud Account.