Cloud SecureTM

Cloud Secure – Features

Lock Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive & Box files on your PC.

Use Multiple Cloud Accounts

  • Cloud Secure enables you to protect your files and data stored on different cloud storage accounts like Dropbox, Google Drive & Box drive.
  • Cloud Secure’s user-friendly interface enables you to access all of your cloud accounts using the password protection feature.

One Step Solution – Cloud Secure

  • A single password can be used to access all your cloud accounts using Cloud Secure’s One-Step-Solution.
  • A single password is all you need to access all your Cloud accounts such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Box drive with maximum security.
  • Cloud Secure, in other words, is a single click solution to all your problems.

Locked and Viewable

  • While having the protection on, you can still access your respective Cloud account by clicking on the “View” button. In this way, your data can be viewed, synced and locked all at the same time.
  • Such features enable you to access the desired cloud account with the added security.

Synced and Locked

  • Keep your data locked & Synced on a regular basis with the help of the password protective feature.
  • Your data keeps on getting updated even the protection is on. In this way, your data keeps getting uploaded on the cloud account on a regular basis.

Protect Yourself from Data Loss

  • With Cloud Secure, you may restrict the unauthorized access from accessing or deleting your cloud accounts.
  • Different Cloud accounts protected under a single roof and only accessible to you with the help of a protective password.

Protect Your Data from Any Illegal Adjustments

  • In the case of sensitive data, you may restrict the threatening users from making any adjustments to your account.
  • All your files and folders stay harmless with the help of Cloud Secure!

Setup Different Cloud Accounts

  • As per your need and convenience, you may download, setup and lock different Cloud accounts on your PC.
  • Use different accounts with the perfect safety by limiting the access to it with an extra layer of security (Password Protection).