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How To Password Protect USB Drive?


Incident Type: Flash Drive Data Theft Incident 1


Date of Incident: June 10,


Place: Ravenel Elementary School in Seneca, South Carolina


"A Memorial Day weekend office burglary resulted in the theft of two laptops and a flash drive. The flash drive may have contained student information. This potential exposure includes copies of Medicaid release forms with student names, parent names and Medicaid numbers."


Incident Type: Flash Drive Data Theft Incident 2


Date of Incident: May 27,


Place: Loyola University Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois


"A flash drive was stolen from an employee's car. It contained the names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, addresses and phone numbers of fewer than 100 patients."

With more than 3 million+ data breaches involving flash drives in the United States for the current year alone, the state of affairs for the global data security is menacing to assert the least. Where flash drives have become a can't-leave-home-without special accessory, so has the need to protect that data in its portable dwelling. The risk of data loss or theft is ever at hand, whether at work, home, or at a public place.


The consequences are unimaginable. Like the real-life scenarios illustrated above, your flash drives can contain sensitive information like names, birthdates, social security numbers, financial records, business plans and compensation data at any time. The idea of losing or misplacing that data is too startling to even think of.


We, at New, have identified and understood the need to safeguard your most valuable of possessions – your data and information.

USB Secure provides strong password protection of flash drives to enable you to secure all types of personal and confidential information in your portable storage devices and safeguard your data against privacy breach even if you have lost your flash drives.


USB Secure is reliable and an easy-to-use software that even a novice user can easily install.

To start password protecting your flash drives, follow these simple steps:



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  • A small, yet effective data protection application for users who need on-the-fly and on-the-go protection of their files and folders.


    Kudrow Perry (Nebraska, USA)

  • Virtually no problems working with USB Secure. It actually does what it claims to do!


    Chris Richards (Oklahoma, USA)

  • Other similar products can kick dirt, as USB Secure works like a charm for protecting entire external drives.


    Dean Thomas (Queensland, Australia)

  • It's a simple yet fantastic program to use. Highly Recommended.


    Mary Anne Woodworth (Iowa, USA)

  • A MUST HAVE and a lightweight data protection tool for all external storage devices. A simple program and effective!!!


    D desanko (Singapore, Kotta Tinggi)

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