The process of Erase Delete History

Your computer is like a recording machine which records each and every activity that you carry on it. When you work on your computer and save your private data and other important information in the form of files and documents in its hard drive, Windows keep a record of it.


Do you know that Windows save your recently viewed documents list, search history, run history and other Windows-related histories in its registry that can be made accessible with not much effort. Anyone who has access to your computer and has knowledge about obtaining deleted history records can easily find out what you were working on.  In such a scenario, it is very important that you erase history of maintained by your computer.


When you clean up computer history, you do not only protect your privacy but also make your PC run faster by deleting unwanted files from it. This is because registry errors, Temp Files in Temporary Folder, spyware, adware, malware, grayware and trojan horses make your system work slower. So it is always recommended toclear computer history periodically.


History Clean is an exceptional history cleaning software that completely erases computer history including many different browsers’ history, internet history and windows related history.  History Clean enables you to permanently delete computer history to increase performance of your computer and boost PC speed.


History Clean is the only software available in market that offers so many options under one beautifully designed GUI. You can eradicate browser history, internet history, cookies history, cache, typed URLs, auto-complete forms, saved passwords, recently run documents, Run history, find history, websites visited, files deleted, Recycle bin, temporary files, clipboard data, specified directories, files and folders, history maintained by programs like Media Player History, AVG7 Antivirus History, MS Paint history, Registry, Winzip history, Yahoo Toolbar, Vypress Chat History, Visual Studio 2005 Recent Projects history, XN view Recent History, Download Accelerator History, MSN Messenger History, Google Toolbar 4.0, Adobe Flash Player history and WinRaR Files History.


How can you clean computer history with the help of History Clean? The method is very simple and easy. Simply run the software and you will see Windows Cleaning section. Check the boxes and click ‘Clean’ and you are done! You can learn more about how to clean history of browsers and Windows from our How To section.


If you want to clean history of additional applications that you have installed on your PC, click More Options Plugins/More Cleaning select the application whose history you want to delete and click ‘Clean’