The process of Delete Internet History

Deleting internet history and computer history is equally important for you and for your PC because you can protect your privacy even if you are sharing your PC and can also increase your computer performance and speed drastically if you delete computer history and clean internet history.


In order to protect your digital privacy and your computer health, it is essential that you periodically clean internet history and clean cookies history because you and your computer both are at risk to suffer from an excess of fragmented and corrupt files especially when you browse internet. Furthermore, history files, cookies and internet cache can endow a complete record of your internet activity like your visited web pages, passwords, typed URLs, download history and auto-complete forms, and can cause security leaks and breaches of privacy.


We at New are dedicated to provide you with privacy solutions to take you away from the suffering of privacy breaches or data leak damages. This is the reason we are always engaged in making our security software much better. History Clean is privacy protection software that securely eradicates and deletes internet history, browser history and computer history.

We have designed History Clean by keeping the needs of our customers in mind. History Clean allows you to clear your computer and internet history securely without any fear. Most of the people want to clear their PC everyday but they don’t have time to manually delete all the files every day. History Clean is the solution of this problem. Simply configure the general setting of History Clean to run cleaning operations on windows shutdown, and your computer and internet history will be deleted every time when you shut down your PC.


To perform Internet history cleaning using History Clean, select your browser from the Browser Cleaning section of History Clean. When you click Browser Cleaning, a list of all browsers that you have installed on your PC will appear. History Clean supports five major web browsers which are as follows:


  • 1. Internet Explorer
  • 2. Mozilla Firefox
  • 3. Opera
  • 4. Apple Safari
  • 5. Google Chrome

Clicking any of the above browsers will show its related options. You can customize these options or can simply click ‘Select All’. To start internet history cleaning, click ‘Clean’ and you are done. To learn more about How to clean Browser History with History Clean, visit our How To section.