Folder Protect Version History

VersionRelease DateWhats's New
2.1.0September, 15th 2021This version resolves driver starting issues on Windows 10 - 64-bit.
2.0.7October, 04th 2019This version has been updated for enhanced performance on Windows 10.
2.0.6September, 07th 2018The latest version of Folder Protect brings you improved security, better compatibility and minor bugs have been fixed.
2.0.5April, 27th 2018In the latest update of Folder Protect, the security of this software has been improved along with minor bugs being fixed.
2.0.4November, 08th 2017Minor bugs fixed and the compatibility of this application has been improved.
2.0.3January, 30th 2017With the latest update, the software is even more optimized with windows 10 and faster protection features for files and folders.
2.0.2October, 25th 2016Due to windows 10 limitations, stealth mode has been disabled in Folder Protect. More optimization for Windows 10.
2.0.1May, 29th 2015Minor compatibility issues related to certain file formats have been resolved in the bug fix.
2.0June, 21st 2014Folder Protect version 2.0 has been updated with a new, easy to use interface. In addition, significant improvement has been made to its existing code, making data leak prevention more reliable than ever before.
1.9.6November, 01st 2013This latest update release resolves some trivial issues related to locking of files and folders in Windows server 2008. In addition, major changes have been made to enhance its diverse security features.
1.9.5May, 10th 2013In this update, some minor issues have been fixed related to write protection of certain file formats. Giving users more flexibility in write protecting files not previously supported.
1.9.4July, 16th 2012Drag and drop feature now added for all flavors of Windows. All previous issues and glitches have been fixed. This version also includes enhancements to improve overall system and application performance.
1.9.3May, 23rd 2012This version of Folder Protect resolves compatibility issue of stealth mode services with 64-bit variant of Windows 7, a few minor glitches and user reported issues.
1.9.2November, 23rd 2011This version update of Folder Protect fixes Stealth Mode related problems for all 32 and 64-bit Windows OSes. Additionally, all issues related to restricted paths, including those in Server 2003 have been fixed.
1.9.1June, 21st 2011This version update improves Safe Mode Protection functionality as well as enhances compatibility with all variants of Windows 7.
1.9.0May, 10th 2011This update includes bug fixes with auto protect functionality and improves compatibility of the application.
1.8.9March, 07th 2011This version update fixes a few stealth mode hot key issues and Auto Protection feature as well as enhancements to improve overall compatibility of the program.
1.8.8December, 24th 2010Version update of Folder Protect 1.8.8 removes minor errors with context menu features enhancing functional capabilities with Windows 7.
1.8.7December, 09th 2010Maintenance update, fixes and enhancements to improve overall compatibility of the program.
1.8.5June, 22nd 2010This version comes with an improved GUI, added ability to protect and unprotect from the context menu in 64-bit Windows OSes as well and major bug fixes and enhancements.
1.8.0June, 03rd 2010This is a major update of Folder Protect. This version comes with a totally new graphical user interface, improved protection methods and some other usability enhancements. This is a recommended update!
1.7.0March, 16th 2010This version solves the password prompt feature for executable files. Now you can set this option to show you a password prompt when your protected programs (.exe files) are accessed. Many other bug fixes and enhancements in this version.
1.6.1February, 02nd 2010This update fixes a few stealth mode hot key issues and adds an option to run the program in other non-English language(s). Furthermore, you can now give us feedback in the form of ideas and suggestions. This is a recommended update.
1.6.0January, 08th 2010This update includes a new master key feature with improved password protection prompt and ability to perform Safe Mode password protect even for trial users. Many other fixes and enhancements in this version.
1.5.1December, 04th 2009Folder Protect's context menu option is now available for protecting and unprotecting items in all Windows platforms, prompt for password feature works better when protected items are accessed and some fixes in auto protection feature are also implemented.