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Folder protect is an improved folder locking software that password protects your files and folders. It makes your data invisible, inaccessible delete-proof etc.


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The term ‘Folder Protect’ itself is self-explanatory in explaining what it actually does. It protects folders, files, programs, drives, extensions and more.


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With Folder Protect, users can not only password protect their folders and files, but also choose security levels for their data. Security customizations include making your files inaccessible, invisible, delete-proof or write-protected.


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Folder protect lets you password protect files, folders, drives, entire extensions and programs. It restricts anyone from illegally viewing, modifying or altering your files.


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An upgraded data security software that knows no boundaries. Prevent any illegal access or unauthorized modification. A must-have software for the security conscious users.


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Folder Protect is a data protection software that lets you password protect folders, files, drives & programs. With multiple awards under it’s belt, Folder Protect is still leading the pack in Data-in-Use information and data protection.

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2 Thumbs Up! Folder Protect is a data protection application that uses Windows Kernel-level protection that even works in Safe Mode, ensuring complete security of password protected folders. Very highly recommended!


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Folder Protect utilizes versatile protection to password protect your files, folders, and drives. It supports all popular extensions of your choice, allows you to set accessibility options, and provides active protection even in Safe Mode. Great wor


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Awesome data protection application from New Keep it up!


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When you have data security features like allowing access to data but denying deletion, allowing visibility of data but denying access to it, allowing loading of data yet denying any modification to it, and allowing modification of data but denying deletion, then you know your data and information are in safe hands. AN absolute must-have for anyone concerned about keeping their files and folders secure.

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It lets you password protect and set different access rights to your files, folders, drives, installed programs and popular extensions. No Access, No Visible, No Write and No Delete are its key Features which help it listed on our site.