To say that copy protection has less or no need in the modern world would be a statement far from reality. Be it files, photos, audios and videos, whatever data you have in your possession should not be taken by someone else that also prevents you from taking the rightful credit. Copy protection is a process carried out with the help of password protection feature that is quite easy to implement, works while you sleep and reduces the risk factor involved in it.

Identify how you can Copy Protect Audios


Copy protection is a technology that protects your media files and creative artwork from plagiarism, piracy, illegal distribution and copying. It is a much needed requirement since CD/DVD duplication and piracy has become a rampant business these days. Billions of dollars have been lost due to illegal piracy around the globe.


Musicians and singers continuously try to stop the progress of online piracy either by turning to lawyers or by encouraging their fans to buy original CDs rather than using pirated CDs. All these efforts have produced negligible effect on preventing piracy and illegal distribution of songs. Therefore, people from the music industry need a stronger protection system that can copy protect their music albums.

Copy Protect is a specialized data copy protection software that can copy protect all formats of audio files in such a way that you can share them with distributors without enabling them to copy your songs in any way possible. The program lets you convert your mp3, WMA and other audio files into copy protected executable applications which can be burned on CDs and DVDs. Once burned, these copy protected files can only be run from the drive they are saved in. So, If someone tries to copy them to another location, these protected files will not run and become useless. In this way, Copy Protect prevents illegal distribution of your audio files.


Following is the step-to-step guide on copy protecting songs and other audio files:


  • Download Copy Protect and install it on your computer.
  • Run the program and the Copy Protect Main Application Wizard will open.
  • Click ‘Start’ button to begin the process of copy protection.
  • From here, you can add your audio files which you want to copy protect. The program will show you a list of files which you have added to Copy Protect along with their formats, file location and size.
  • Click ‘Next’ button to continue.
  • Now, select drive where you want to save your copy protected files. You can choose either a local drive location, portable drive location or a CD or DVD drive.
  • The program also lets you choose burning option if you have selected a CD or DVD as your destination drive. You can choose the level of security you wish to obtain.
  • Note: Windows Vista & Windows 7 support both secure and highly secure burning methods while Windows XP only supports secure level of burning.
  • Once burned, you can freely distribute this drive or CD/DVD to anyone without the fear of data being copy or duplicated without your permission.


Audios are just a basic concept explained in the above steps. Whereas this software is able to cover and protect multiple other formats like notepads, word files, excel sheets, videos of multiple format etc. The basic idea of this software is to make sure whatever you created stays under your rightful ownership and could only be seen by any other person with your firm approval.