Why Cloud Storage:

The reason why cloud storage as an option took over or replaced the USB storage option is due to the following reasons:

  • USB drive is to be accustomed physically. Cloud storage does not restrict you to follow any such requirement.
  • USB drives attract a lot of unwanted attention. Cloud storage does not faces such an issue.
  • Spywares, malwares, Trojans etc. find it easy to penetrate through a flash drive while cloud storage is self-sufficient.
  • You cannot access data if you did not bring along your USB drive. Cloud storage lets you access your data online using your logins from any part of the location.

How to Lock OneDrive with Cloud Secure?

Cloud Secure is a one-click solution for the users who want to password protect their OneDrive cloud account on their PC. These Cloud Accounts are usually open for view or access to anyone. In any case, if you leave your laptop unprotected at a friend’s house, fear not as Cloud Secure limits anyone from:

  • Data deletion
  • Data manipulation
  • Data adjustments

Cloud Secure is an emerging security application that helps you to protect your data with the help of a Password protection feature. To use such protection, you first need to install the Security Application on your respective device. Once the application gets installed, you will be provided with an option to turn the feature of “protection on” for your One Drive account. By clicking on “Protection On,” the folder of One Drive (stored on your PC) becomes inaccessible showing an error of “access denied.” This is an added feature of security, and your Data (In One Drive) can only be accessed with the help of Cloud Secure Application. To view your files, simply click on the “View” button and your folder will be made visible to you instantly! However, once the Protection is On, One Drive cannot be accessed from its original location for added security!


OneDrive – Endless Storage Capacity Attracts Tracking & Snooping Eyes!

One Drive is one of the most famous Cloud Storage Platforms in the current market and has maintained a solid reputation in giving an ample amount of storage space with adequate safety. It is 1TB of online cloud storage bundled with a Microsoft 265 subscription. However, the major issue with such feature is that constant monitoring of such unlimited data seems to be a bit drastic and almost impossible as a few loopholes can lead to severe outcomes!

Cloud Accounts under Serious Threat!

One Drive is an essential storage platform, but like many other platforms, One Drive is unable to deliver the maximum protection. The reason to such problem is quite obvious and understandable with the fact that One Drive gets constantly filled in by unlimited data and regular watch or monitor to such data is far from any possibility. This creates chances for intruders, hackers, or buggers to access your data for their personal gains! Previously there weren’t such threats as the negative side of the internet hadn’t evolved much but now, keeping your data unprotected is simply an open invitation for the hackers and intruders! In this whole time of struggle, even the Cloud storage platforms are quite helpless and are unable to tackle such threats! However, you may protect your data stored in One drive with the help of an added security called “Password Protection.”
Hence, the data you store on One Drive can be protected by using a password known only to you! Hence, in any case, you may keep your data far from all the harms!

Cloud Secure

Cloud Secure is an evolving concept that has gained immediate attention of the most security concerned users. It’s an added advantage that helps you to protect your data, by all means, necessary. Cloud Secure gives you a single password for all your Cloud Accounts and helps you to maintain the maximum protection of your confidential data!


Knowing that soon, we would see the demise of USB drives, it is fortunate for you to know what lies ahead as an alternative. Cloud storage provides ample amount of storage that seems sufficient for an average user in storing and accessing the data they desire. However, if you are reluctant in using the new medium of storage, move on to using Cloud Secure that would eliminate all threats if any.