Google drive since the beginning is focusing on finding innovative solutions to make our lives better than yesterday. The word ‘Google’ itself has now become a word in many dictionaries, which means to find something you are not aware about. Hence, Google knew cloud storage is the future of data storage and would eventually replace the USB drives. Developments started for Google and now exists the renowned Google Drive that is need of no further introduction.

How to lock Google Drive with Cloud Secure?

Cloud Secure is an easy solution for the users who want protect their Cloud accounts such as Google Drive with the help of a password. Since these cloud accounts are open for access to anyone & in any case, you may leave your Laptop open or unprotected, fear not as Cloud Secure has a solution to such problem. It protects you from:

  • Prevents deletion
  • Data manipulation
  • Data adjustments

Google Drive is one of the most commonly used Cloud Account that provides you an ample amount of storage capacity. However, constant protection to such data might not be possible to maintain and added layer of security (Password Protection) can be utilized for maximum protection!
Once installed, you may quickly turn ON the password protection which is indicated by the color “Green” as “Protection ON”. Doing so limits anyone from accessing Google Drive from its original location. However, you may access your account even when the protection is on by using the “View” button and the protection will be ON again as soon as you close the application.
Once the protection is On, Google Drive cannot be accessed from its original location and can only be accessed from within the Cloud Secure Application.


Risks involved in using Google Drive

Google Drive is a commonly used storage account and is still the to-go platform for securing documents and private information. But securing data on cloud accounts is not entirely safe, and if you’re a concerned about your security, you might be in need of an added security feature or service.


Continuous Threats!

Security threats don’t come with a notification, and the negative side of the internet including hackers and intruders work on constant monitoring of your private data to maintain these threats. The primary concern is that these cloud accounts are filled with unlimited data, and these security drives aren’t able to deliver security at all times.


One-Step-Solution – Cloud Secure!


Cloud secure is quite a user-friendly app that can be easily operated by even the not-so-tech-savvy users. If you’re a security concerned user, then Cloud secure is the correct security application that you are in need of. We all have been a constant user of Google Drive, and it seems quite hard to live without it. However, the fear of data theft or loss of data is also inevitable as the downside of the internet has different hacking and snooping techniques. But in any scenario, Cloud Secure’s password protection feature is more than enough for all of your cloud accounts!


Google Account connected to Google Drive

Since the drive is also part of Google, it means your Google drive is connected to your Google account! This is another major issue for the security concerned user. If by any means someone gains access to your Google account, they also gain access to data stored in the drive!
For instance, you may leave your Gmail account logged in on your PC and forgot to lock windows in a state of hurry. This happens quite often, and anyone can gain access to not only your email but also to your Google Drive. However, to this issue, you may use the emerging top-notch security application (Cloud Secure) that gives you an added advantage of Password Protection. Such protective feature provides you a password to access your Google Drive. Hence, even if someone gains access to your Gmail account, fear not as with the help of the password protection, you may stay trouble free, and only you can access your data (if you want, when you want, wherever you want!).


Conclusion: Is Cloud Storage Secure?

Cloud storage surely is a critical need, but we simply cannot rely on these cloud accounts for maximum protection. The point is, Google Drive is not secure enough for valuable, sensitive or private data and you shouldn’t host all your financial or banking details in the Google Drive.
Hence, the majority of the data stored in cloud accounts is near to confidential data, and you simply cannot rely on the local security of the Google drive. Under such scenario, it seems quite mandatory for you to use an added or extra layer of safety called the Password protection feature offered by Cloud Secure.