When it comes to data storage, we are left with less or no options to store our data. The only two options left or competing for the first position are cloud storage and the USB storage. The former type is now becoming the most commonly used platform of data storage, while the latter version is about to become history and only exists due to extensive use of some users. Most of such users are not in mood of switching from one medium to another which makes it last thing long and soon, it would be only the use of cloud storage due to the convenience it offers.

How to check the registration status of my Cloud Secure?

There are two ways to check the registration status of your Software. If your Cloud Secure is unregistered, you will see a red banner labeled as “Get Full Version” located on the bottom left corner. In case if you’re using a registered version, you will see a green banner labeled as the “Registered Version.” Another way to check the registration status is to open the software and click on the “Support” button. Furthermore, click on the “About” section to check the status of your software.


Why Cloud storage and why not USB Drives?

Cloud storage has less or no loose ends. USB drives has many loose ends.

Cloud storage does not bound you to travel with a physical drive. USB drives does force you to keep a physical drive all along

Cloud storage can be accessed from any part of the location. USB drive if not carried along wouldn’t be accessible.