To maintain proper security of your cloud account(s) using cloud secure, it is mandatory for you to change your password on regular occasions just to be sure. Since it is possible for anyone to be able to hack your account if the person makes a wild guess and actually fits right in, the only option you have left with is to consistently keep changing your password and make it a habit. Also, never store your password in a word file/notepad on your PC and always store your password in your memory as from there, nobody can access it.

How to change your Password in Cloud Secure?

To change your password, open the software & click on the “Settings” tab. Furthermore, enter your current password under the “Change Password” menu & enter your new password twice to confirm the password of your choice.


Benefits of using cloud storage with cloud secure:

No duty of handling physical drives as the data is stored on the cloud

Data that is stored in cloud accounts does not attract malwares and spywares

Master password that lets you recover your cloud account even if you forget your password


If you have forgotten your master password, your account may not be able to recover