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How to access Box in a protected view?

How to access Box in a protected view?


To access the files stored in the Box Cloud Account under a protected view, you first need to turn the protection status as “ON,” for the respective Cloud Account. Furthermore, to access the protected files, simply click on the “View” button that enables you to access the respective stored files with the needed safety.


However, to access the files or documents, your first need to enter your password to regain the access to your Box account & such feature is also known as the “password protection feature.” This layer of security is the only protective wall between your private informative data and the harmful prying eyes.


Since you’re the only one in possession of the password, the risk of data theft or loss is minimized to the least possible level.

Box – A Reasonable Cloud Account

The Box Cloud Account is one of the most famous names in the field of Cloud Storage platforms that provides you a sufficient or ample amount of storage space to their users. It is a reliable Cloud Account that enables you to store your data, files and other information with adequate safety.

Cloud Accounts – Two Contradicting Sides!

However, Cloud Storage accounts should not be your first priority option if you’re in possession of confidential files, private documents or data as these Cloud Accounts are unable to protect your data with the maximum security. In fact, these Cloud Accounts are being filled in with continuous and enormous data, and regular monitoring of such data is quite far from reality or possibility.

Private data including confidential documents, banking details, and personal photos are usually of great importance and can result in serious outcomes if such data gets landed in the wrong hands. Hence, Cloud Accounts might be feasible in giving you the instant storage space, but they are unable to deliver the maximum protection.

But in any case, you can easily resolve such problem or issue with the help of Cloud Secure’s password protection feature. In this way, you can easily protect your private files, confidential documents and personal data from the negative side of the internet.

Cloud Secure – All-in-one-Security-App!


Above all, Cloud Secure is an essential Cloud security application that helps you to maintain the maximum protection with the help of its password protective feature. In this way, you can protect your files & documents easily by restricting the tracking and prying eyes from gaining any access to your confidential data.