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Folder Lock 7.1.0 – For Immediate Release:

Contact: Steve Frank

Title: Marketing Manager

Company: New

Email: [email protected]

Address: 9450 SW Gemini Dr, ECM# 37715, Beaverton, OR 97008, USA


Folder Lock 7.1.0 launched, boasting a User-friendly interface and enhanced security.

Beaverton — June 10, 2012 — With a user friendly interface and enhanced security features, Folder Lock version 7.1.0 has officially been launched into the consumer market. The new version is considerably easier to use. Gone are confusing operating instructions, which have been replaced by simple visual based instructions with minimized text based instructions; the new interface was designed for the average user in mind.


Changes in Application Security:

The new version: Folder Lock 7.1.0. Now requires a Master Password by default not just to view the locked files, but now you’ll also have to enter your Master Password in order to use Encrypt Files, Secure Backup, Protect USB/CD, Make Wallets, Shred Files and History Clean features of Folder Lock. In the older version, you had to enable this security by selecting the option of ‘Running Folder Lock Application Requires Master Password’. This security option has been re-phrased in the newer version to “Ask Master Password for ‘Lock Files’ only.” You can modify this default behavior by selecting the option “Ask Master Password for ‘Lock Files’ only.” from either from the main application interface or alternatively by going to ‘Settings’ > Security Password and then checking the box “Ask Master Password for ‘Lock Files’ only.” (Note: You have to authenticate with your Master Password for this setting to take affect).


Changes in Lock Files Feature:

A major change had been made in the way the user accesses their files. Once you have entered your password, you no longer need to manually select your files/folders and unlock them in order to view or modify them. In the new version you can simply double click on any file to open it or modify it, the file will remain protected in its respective file path, so you do not have to worry about unlocking or locking files every time you need to modify or view them.


Changes made to ‘Backup Online’ Feature:

The first and foremost change you’ll notice in the backup online feature is the phrase ‘Back up online’ has been replaced by the phrase ‘Secured Backup’ The interface for the file backup feature contains more images and less text instructions. Another major change done administratively is that the user no longer has to log-out from his secured backup account in order to access or add files from a different location. With the new system you can simply log-in with your secured backup credentials, add files to be uploaded and still be able to access you’re backed up files by logging in from a different computer. Moreover, multiple users can log-in using the same credentials and upload files simultaneously. This new administrative feature gives the user more flexibility in regards to accessing and updating their files from different locations, thus resulting in more convenient means of securing their encrypted files. A new feature added to secured backup is the option to sync Lockers between two PCs. This option enables the user to sync last modified back-up settings with different PCs at different locations.


Changes made to ‘Protect USB/CD’ Feature:

Considerable changes have been made to the ‘Protect USB/CD’ features. In the old version users did not have the option to create a new portable Locker in their Flash drive, so, if you wanted to create a new Locker to secure files on your USB, you had to go back and create a new portable Locker and then transfer it to a USB storage device. The new version of Folder Lock 7.1.0 gives you the option to create a new Locker directly into your USB storage device, along with the original option to create your exiting Lockers into portable Lockers and transfer them to your USB storage device.

Changes to Encrypt Files feature:

To make encrypted Lockers more manageable, ‘Edit options’ on the ‘Encrypt Files’ interface has been changed. Under a single button, users have the option of change their password, Rename their Locker, copy their Locker, move their Locker, delete their Locker or remove their Lockers from the list. This ensures that users are able to avail every option under one single menu button.


Overall the new version of Folder Lock 7.1.0 is more user-friendly, thanks to its visual based instructions and some added features that make securing your files easier and more convenient.

Folder Lock is priced at $39.95 (US) for a single user license and may be purchased online at

For multi-user licenses, site licenses, and academic licenses, you can download a fully functional evaluation copy from

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